Read Decision Point: What Would You Do? Pages 46 and 64.

  1. Scenario 1: You are the first person to arrive in your classroom and as you sit down you notice an iPod on the floor underneath the adjacent seat. You pick it up and turn it on. It works fine and even has some of your favorite music listed. You realize that you are the only one in the room and no one will know if you keep it. You see other students entering the room so you place the iPod on the floor next to your belonging. You will have the whole class period to decide what to do.
  2. Scenario 2: Instead of finding the iPod, you are a friend who sits next to the person who finds it. As class begins, your friend leans over and asks your advice about what to do.
  3. Scenario 3: You are now a student representative on the judicial board at school. The student who kept the iPod is accused of stealing. How would you make the decision about the situation?

Write a 2-3 page APA style paper discussing the following questions related to the above scenarios:

  • What are the key facts that you should consider before making a decision, as either the person who discovered the iPod, the friend, or the judicial board member?
  • Is this an ethical issue? What exactly are the ethical aspects involved in your decision?
  • Who else is involved, or should be involved, in this decision? Who has a stake in the outcome?
  • What alternatives are available to you? What are the consequences of each alternative?
  • How would each of your alternatives affect the other people you have identified as having a stake in the outcome?
  • Where might you look for additional guidance to assist you in resolving this particular dilemma?

Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rd person. Note: This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the week’s theory linked to personal opinion and outside evidence.

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.


Grading Criteria AssignmentsMaximum Points
Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria40
Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts20
Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts30
Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling10



15 pages

APA style

Deadline- 10/27/2016 by 4:30PM  Center Std Time USA

Will provide about 10 article based on which it has to be written

Review Case Study B in Course Materials and complete Problem 1, "Family and Medical Leave Act." It is reprinted for you here:

Defense Plants, Inc. has over 8,000 employees, over 5,000 in the main plant, 500 in the administration building and the rest in acquired businesses throughout the country. The company has a 200-page employee handbook. Employees are mostly non-union at this point. Only a couple of the smaller plants are unionized. None of the office personnel are unionized.

Problem 1. Family and Medical Leave Act

Darla has been working for Defense Plants, Inc. for over 15 years as a receptionist and customer service person. She wrote to the new CEO of Defense Plants, Inc. asking for leave to take care of her new child. She has adopted a girl, age 8.  Unfortunately for her, the new CEO is unwilling to allow her leave without penalizing her. He has acknowledged that there is a Family and Medical Leave Act, but he says she will be demoted when she returns to a lesser job, which is also lower paying, if the company is required to give her leave. 


Summarize Darla's rights in a Word document (1-2 pages) basing your arguments on actual statements from the Family and Medical Leave Act. In your paper, document where you found the rights stated.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.



Choose a non-disease related event and explain what the public health perspective on that event is.  It should be something that was in the news in the past 30 days.   No diseases acute or chronic.  For example, what is the public health impact Donald Trump winning the republican nomination for president?   This should be at least 250 words.


Don’t forget to cite your work with both in-text citations and a works cited section using APA formatting.




Assignment 1: Conducting an Environmental Analysis

Due Week 4 and worth 300 points


For all assignments assume that you are the administrator of a fictitious organization of your choice.  The organization can be any type of health care organization such as a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, clinic, etc. As the administrator, you are faced with the challenges of declining reimbursements from insurance providers and increasing demands for patient services due to dramatic changes in the external environment. Such changes include those imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Your first step in evaluating the position of your organization will be conducting an environmental analysis. The purpose of this is to determine your organization’s ability to continue to provide quality care and remain financially solvent in the face of these challenges.


Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

  1. Determine two (2) specific forces in the external environment that will have the most impact on your organization. Provide a rationale for your decision.
  2. Determine two (2) specific internal factors that the organization’s leaders need to consider in preparing for the future of health care and the future of the organization. Provide a rationale for your decision.
  3. Discuss the impact of both the identified internal and external forces on the organization’s ability to develop a competitive strategy.
  4. Recommend one (1) strategy that involves the organization’s managers in implementing and maintaining the momentum of the strategic plan.
  5. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites to not qualify as academic resources.

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A company produces to a seasonal demand, with the forecast for the next 12 months as given below.


The present labor force can produce 500 units per month. Each employee added can produce an additional 20 units per month and is paid $1000 per month. The cost of materials is $30 per unit. Overtime can be used at the usual premium of time and a half for labor up to a maximum of 10 percent per month. Inventory-carrying cost is $50 per unit per year. Changes in production level cost $100 per unit due to hiring, line changeover costs, and so forth. Assume 200 units of initial inventory. Extra capacity may be obtained by subcontracting at an additional cost of $15 per unit over and above the company's producing them itself on regular time.

  1. Provide a detailed cost breakdown for using a level vs. a chase strategy to meet the increased demand.
  2. Which strategy do you recommend?
  3. How much savings would result from the plan you recommend?

3-4 Scholarly written pages in APA format with 3-4 scholarly references.

Making decisions in business can be difficult. Fortunately we have a lot of great tools to help us! Choose two decision-making tools you learned in our materials this week and explain how you would use them to make a decision with an actual problem you have faced in your professional life.

See attsched document for details 

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Over the past decade, individual investors (usually controlling well-financed hedge funds) have taken minority interest in prominent corporations through the purchase of stock shares and stock options with the intention of influencing the boards of directors to act in ways that challenge the existing corporate strategy. Although they, generally, have not wanted to take over the companies, they have wanted to influence decisions by gaining seats on the boards. One of the most common changes the various activist investors have sought is the dispersal of corporate funds to shareholders through dividends and stock buybacks. Critics have argued that such financial activities are short-run focused and detract from the corporations' ability to invest in the long-term.


In response to the presence, influence, and success of these activist investors, prominent Senators have introduced legislation, the "Brokaw Act," in an attempt to limit their power.



5 pages, single-spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, (including the senatorial heading)

Following standard senatorial reporting procedures in APA format (CMS optional)