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Good language command


Instructions: Compose an original research paper (10 to 12 pages) on the following topic:

Discuss the future of rhetoric in our electronic age. Look at major theorists and movements, and how they have expanded our current understanding of rhetoric. You might take a closer look at concepts such as Deconstruction or the Rhetoric of Display insofar as they influence our post-modern discourse. You might note how rhetoric has substantially changed from the classical model, and incorporate the different socio-political climates and other factors relating to the degree of influence/importance on our present-day rhetoric.

To support your observations, you must include at least five references. You may use the required texts for the course, the supplemental articles and speeches, or any other source that supports your analysis. Citing Sources - you must use at least five references within the body of the paper, with proper APA citation format. Please feel free to use the required texts for the class, especially when citing passages in Plato or Aristotle (citations from these assigned works should not come from an Internet source). No more than 20 percent of your paper should be direct quotes. Any direct quotes should be used to support your own analysis and recommendations. Do not copy large sections of content verbatim from other sources. Please keep in mind that when you paraphrase material, provide specific dates/data, you must cite the source of your information. For specifics in terms of documentation style, please see APA and Other Style References in the Academic Resources section of Start Here.

Note: While preparing your final research paper, be sure that you fully understand the APA citation guidelines. You must properly cite your required five (or more) references both in the body of the paper—including quotation marks for direct quotes—and at the end. You must also cite where you obtained facts, ideas, images, and any other content, even if they are not direct quotes. Failure to properly cite sources will open you to serious charges of plagiarism and academic fraud, which could result in unwanted disciplinary action. Don't take a chance. Cite your references correctly.

Research and Documentation - all papers shall follow the APA standard guidelines, including font style and size, spacing, and margins, for research and documentation. You are encouraged to purchase an APA style manual; however, you may also find assistance in Academic Resources and online. Proper documentation of sources is critical in preparing papers for this course. Papers without proper documentation shall be returned for revision.

Number of Pages/ slides: 10 Pages

Deadline: 2 days

Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA

please read the book and do a three to four page essay on it 

Times Roman 12, double space, APA style and scholarly references


 Part 2: Action Plan

Address the following items:

1.Brief description of the project (must have instructor approval).

2.History or rationale (including industry trend data as appropriate).

3.Market analysis (including competition).

4.Goals and outcomes (relationship to strategic focus). 

5.Structure (including alliances, contractual relationships, etc.).

6.Financial data overview: Include a summary of what financial data you examined or would examine. For each financial statement, describe the specific factors that informed you (net revenue, profit loss, balance sheet major). 

7.Personnel/Staffing (including provider relationships as appropriate).

8.Implementation schedule: Develop an implementation schedule that identifies the resources and competences in your department and describe how they are matched to the strategic initiative. Identify how your action plan aligns to the organization’s strategic initiatives. 


While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


the essay topic of the novel will post later. The below attachment are some notes about the novel. Please read it carefully first to prepare for the essay topic later

solve these questions with high school level and the questions in the files, the blue highlighted is the question and the red is description. it's 19 essay and each essay one page single space.


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We are doing a 4 vs 3 debate . Our team is arguing the pros of the death penalty. the professor  doesn't want us to argue the same issues. Right now were are researching issues individually for our argument. 
student 1 will do a Justice provided of the death penaly
student 2 will do - Financial impacts
student 3 witch is me will do- Good that has come from the current law

so the topic is death penalty and we have to arguing togther so i need at least 10 strong  points of what the good come from the currunt law in amireca about the death panalty, so I nee to do Deterrence for my argument. make  sure to make it as point not assingment!!

The purpose of this post is for you to get comfortable using Microsoft Word and to become familiar with the commonly used APA report style used when writing scholarly documents.  Choose a topic from the list below:

  • Best practices in securing home computers / networks
  • A review of 3 significant computer hacking events / security breaches
  • Computer viruses
  • Spyware
  • Email phishing attacks

Write a short report using Microsoft Word on your chosen topic utilizing the APA formatting rules satisfying the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 700 words.
  • Page 1 must be a title page.
  • Page 2 must contain a brief one paragraph abstract (50 to 100 words) along with a table of contents field generated by Word from the report headings.
  • The body of the report (pages 3, 4,…) should be broken into 3 or more sections (using Heading 1 styles).  These section headings will then be used to populate the table of contents.
  • Insert at least 3 APA style citations in the body of your report.
  • The last page must be your reference page (bibliography) and will contain your APA formatted source list for the citations used in the body of your report.
  • Your sources do not have to stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny.  You are free to site websites such as Wikipedia and so on.

To make this post easier, use the Microsoft Word APA Report template.  Just choose “File”, “New”, and search for “APA report”.  You may also visit the Purdue website on APA formatting for more info at: or the vidcast series at

Be sure that you create a new thread within the APA Style Report Discussion Post and include your name and topic in the subject line.  Attach your Microsoft Word document (saved using your name as the filename with a .docx file extension) to the post.  Review the discussion posts of your peers and write a one paragraph response to at least one peer.

A rubric is provided.


revise paper. everthing was in file