Risk Matrix

Fill out the project risk assessment matrix (template linked below). Be sure to include the following information in the matrix:

  • Identify and name at least three risks and name them (Risk name)
  • Determine the expected costs for each named risk
  • Determine the Risk Probability for each named risk
  • Factored Risk Value (should automatically calculate using the provided template)
  • Determine the Risk Impact to project (using drop down menu in the provided template)
  • Provide the Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Provide the Expected Risk retire date (when the risk is no longer a risk)

Risk Assessment Matrix (attached)

Some data to help your online research on socially responsible investment - "doing well by doing good",supporting business initiatives that benefit society. Some corporations might implement environmentally friendly business operations, use shared-value initiatives, address community social issues. Some companies that may be borderline ethical (but legal) may benefit by emulating practices of others. Social initiatives can influence consumer opinion:

  • 67% of global online consumers will pay more for products made by a company committed to social and environmental responsibility
  • 90% of shoppers will switch to a company that supports a good cause and boycott a company they feel isn’t socially responsible
  • 32% of employees would leave their jobs if their companies never donated money or if they harmed the environment

The added factor of social media means that if customers aren’t happy with a company’s social impact, they can tell millions of others. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investments (CRI) become increasingly important, being socially conscious and informed is becoming mainstream.


Research the activity of assigning resources to a project and discuss the following:

  • The steps a project manager must take to make sure their project is receiving adequate support.
  • Techniques used in the assignment of resources (human capital).
  • When is it necessary to "level load" a project?
  • Steps a project manager would take if the needed resources were not available for their project

The paper is to be no more than 3 pages, in APA format.

Mini-Paper #2



Choose one of the theses provided below. Follow the “Paper Specifications” closely.


Paper Specifications:

·       At least 600 words in length

·       double-spaced

·       must have title

·       must use proper citations, using MLA or Chicago style

·       must have Works Cited page (even though you will only be citing one source!)

·       Use appropriate language. This means formal, academic language and not colloquial language. Also, avoid sexist language.


Helpful Websites:

·       For help with citations and many other paper issues, visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab. They have instructions on how to use MLA and Chicago style, both of which are acceptable for this paper.

·       If you are unfamiliar with the disciplinary convention to use non-sexist language, visit the American Philosophical Association’s webpage and its Guidelines for Non-Sexist Use of Language. Scroll down to the bottom to read a summary of these guidelines.


Paper Theses:

1.      We have no moral obligation to take drastic steps to prevent suffering in all cases, and therefore we do not have a moral obligation to donate a significant percentage of our salaries to aid organizations overseas.

2.     Singer successfully defends his thesis that we should take drastic steps to prevent suffering in all cases, and the morally responsible thing to do in order to alleviate such suffering is to tax all luxury items at 50%.


Application Assignment: Course ProjectInterview Reflection and Lesson Plan

Your Application Assignment this week is to complete both parts of the Course Project as well as add to your Strategies for Teaching Adult Learners Toolkit. You have already prepared for a significant portion of the Project through the three interviews you have conducted. With the Resources and Discussion on assessment and feedback this week, you have acquired the necessary information and strategies to plan an effective learning experience with adult learners in your field.

Part 1a: Interview Reflection (approximately 2 pages)

Drawing on your interview notes and summaries from the Applications in Weeks 2, 4, and 5, synthesize what you have learned from the interviews in order to write a reflection that includes:

  • The best advice, insights, and/or strategies you learned for working with adult learners
  • Advice and/or insights—based on what you have learned in this course—that you would suggest for any of the people you interviewed or for the educator you observed working with adult learners
  • The ways in which these interviews have influenced your thinking and practice with regard to working with adult learners and your conclusions with regard to working in a particular area or role with adult learners in the early childhood field

Part 1b: Lesson Plan (approximately 3–4 pages)

Plan a learning experience on a topic appropriate for a group of adult learners in a specific program or setting within the early childhood field. Your learning experience must incorporate a minimum of three effective strategies or techniques from the course resources and/or your interviews that are appropriate for the experience. Include the following components:

  • A description of the program or setting in which you would present the learning experience
  • A description of the adult learners you have in mind
  • The topic of the learning experience and an explanation of why it is appropriate curriculum for the program/setting and adult learners
  • At least one learning objective and your rationale for this objective (or objectives)
  • A description of the instructional format(s) you will use with this learning experience and your reasoning
  • A description of the types of assessment you will use with this learning experience and your reasoning
  • A brief outline of your lesson plan for the learning experience.

    • How you will introduce the learning experience
    • Where and what assessments will occur

      • Where and how you will apply each of the strategies or techniques you have chosen and why each is an effective practice for the learning experience
  • How you will wrap up the learning experience
  • Source(s) of the highlighted strategies/techniques
  • A brief reflection on your completed lesson plan, your process in developing the learning experience, and insights you have gained from the lesson planning

(Parts 1a and 1b Total Assignment length: approximately 5–6 pages)

Part 2: Compiling a Strategies for Teaching Adults Toolkit

Drawing from your Resources on assessment this week, describe at least three strategies you will add to your Toolkit and provide a rationale for your choices.

(Assignment length: approximately 2 pages)

Note: You need only to submit Parts 1a and 1b of this Application Assignment. Title Part 2 of this assignment "Week 7: Toolkit" and save it to the folder you created in Week 1.

Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.


I need this by Sunday noon 11th Dec 2016


-double spaced
-mla format
-include at least one indirect quote
- all the info is in the file attached 
  1. please attach your two paragraphs for analysis.

    remember to answer:

    1.) why is this issue important to the agency in question (in other words "why they should really care about it)

    2) what the specific national security issue is for that particular agency (be specific)

    3) what you predict (based on your assessment of what is known about the current situation) will happen next.

I need a paper that I have already written to be revised. It needs to have one argument. This is do by midnight tonight!

Case Study: Euro Disney

The entrepreneurial process can be very rewarding for entrepreneurs as well as for customers and investors. Entrepreneurs and investors of successful ventures have the possibility of large financial rewards, while customers are set to receive the benefits of a new product or service.

However, the entrepreneurial process also includes the possibility of failure, especially in foreign markets. The case study that you will review this week is about an organization that practiced corporate entrepreneurship abroad and failed with its new venture.

To complete the Assignment:

Read the case study, "Euro Disney: Bungling a Successful Format," paying particular attention to the elements of the case regarding the organization's research and decision-making processes.

Write a 300-word response to the following questions:

What was the fundamental flaw in the Euro Disney development process? Were there other root causes of the failure of the venture? How would you compare the Euro Disney fiasco with Disney’s domestic and/or other foreign entrepreneurial efforts?

Use APA style to complete the Assignment and when citing sources. Submit your paper by Day 7.


You have been provided with case study in Week 4 that focused on genitourinary .You will analyze and create a comprehensive plan of care for acute/chronic care, disease prevention, and health promotion for that patient and disorder. Your care plan should be based on current best practices and supported with citations from current literature, such as systematic reviews, published practice guidelines, standards of care from specialty organizations, and other research based resources. In addition, you will provide a detailed scientific rationale that justifies the inclusion of this evidence in your plan. Your paper should adhere to APA format for title page, headings, citations, and references. The paper should be no more than 3 pages typed excluding title page and references.


  • SOAP note
  • Evaluation of priority diagnosis
  • Facilitators and barriers to disorder management


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points


The submission included a general introduction to the priority diagnosis.


Subjective Data

The submission included the patient's interpretation of current medical problem. It included chief complaint, history of present illness, current medications and reason prescribed, past medical history, family history, and review of systems.


Objective Data

The submission included the measurements and observations obtained by the nurse practitioner. It included head to toe physical examination, laboratory and diagnostic testing results.



The submission included at least three priority diagnoses. Each diagnosis was supported by documentation in subjective and objective notes and free of essential omissions. All diagnoses were documented using acceptable terminologies and current ICD-10 codes.


Plan of Care

Plan included diagnostic and therapeutic (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic) management as well as education and counseling provided. The plan was supported by evidence/guidelines, and the follow-up plans were noted.


Evaluation of Priority Diagnosis

The plan chose the priority diagnosis for the pt and differentiated the disorder from normal development. Discussed the physical and psychological demands the disorder places on the patient and family and key concepts to discuss with them. Identified key interdisciplinary team personnel needed and how this team will provide care to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.


Facilitators and Barriers

The submission interpreted facilitators and barriers to optimal disorder management and outcomes and strategies to overcome the identified barriers.



The submission included what should be taken away from this assignment.



The submission was free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Citations and references were written in correct APA Style.

Utilized proper format with coversheet, header.