All college essays are formatted in MLA style

Introduction (at least 6-8 sentences)

Your introduction must begin with an attention grabber

It should provide some background for your topic

A thesis statement that states the topic and your position on the topic should be evident at the end of this paragraph

Body Paragraphs (at least 6-8 sentences)

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement.

Transitional expressions are used effectively throughout the essay for flow, coherence, and cohesiveness (meanwhile, furthermore, therefore, finally, first, second, in conclusion, etc.).

All body paragraphs should have well-developed examples that support and prove the topic sentence which supports the thesis.

You must quote from your source at least once in your essay using correct in text citation format. You may use direct quotes, but be sure to integrate the quote seamlessly through the use of signal phrases and quotation marks.  If paraphrasing, please note that parenthetical citations are required.

Opposing Viewpoints – this can be addressed either as a separate body paragraph before the conclusion or by countering each point in their respective paragraphs.

Conclusion (at least 6-8 sentences)

Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your essay in an interesting way.

Provide closure to the essay

MLA Works Cited Page

You must have a works cited page in correct MLA format  at the end of the final draft

You must cite three sources in your essay can be any of the following:

a book (online or printed),

a reliable web site 

a scholarly article (online or printed).





Odds Ratio

This week, you have been introduced to several concepts of logistic regression, specifically the odds ratio. In this Application, you will report the odds ratio in a given test.

To prepare for this Application:

  • Review Chapter 19 of the Field text for a description of logistic regression and the odds ratio.

  • Review the media resources demonstrating the odds ratio.

The assignment:

Complete Smart Alex's Task #5 on p. 812 of the Field text. Include only Burnout as the dependent variable and Coping Style and Stress from Teaching as the two independent variables. Report the odds ratio ONLY.

Use APA format according to the guidelines in the PASW Application Assignment Guidelines handout. The final document should be 2–3 pages long.

13 questions in total. Ignore the first one.

Theoretical Framework

In this Application, you will complete the next step of your Final Project. You will develop a theoretical framework for your quantitative research proposal.

To prepare for this Application:

  • Review Chapter 2 from the Nachmias-Frankfort and Nachmias text.

The assignment:

  • Write a 1- to 3-page framework for your research proposal. You can use the articles that you have chosen for your journal article critique as a guide for what should be in a theoretical framework. The Nachmias-Frankfort & Nachmias book can also serve as a guide.

Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To complete this assignment, you are going to assume the role of an editor for a fictional newspaper on two distinctly different dates. It is your choice of who your audience is and what emotion the content contains, but each article should provide a perspective on the political, economic, and social impact that he had on the nation before, during, and after the Civil War.

1. The first will be dated April 16, 1865, and will need to assume the role of an obituary from that date. Keep in mind what would be known, thought, and felt at that time.

2. The second will be dated April 16, 2015, and will need to assume the role of a remembrance of his legacy. Consider his legacy 150 years after his death. Both obituaries will be submitted together as one document. The details about Lincoln’s time, location, and cause of death will of course be common to all obituaries and do not need to be cited; any other materials (e.g., quotes, accounts) must be cited and referenced using APA style. Do not reprint an actual obituary from the time as it will lead to steep deductions. 

Answer the following 5 questions, must be accurate and specific

Answer the following 5 questions, must be accurate and specific

Week 5/6 Mymathlab  Homework and Test


Use the attached stock report and then prepare a report analyzing the stock by answering the following qustions.



I)      The Story

A.    What do they do?

B.    What is the reason to buy them?

1.     Better if it is a reason to buy now.

a.     New Product / New Market

b.     Economic Cycle

c.      Theme

                                               i.     Aging of America

                                             ii.     Greening of America


II)     Fundamental Analysis

A.    Economic Analysis

1.  Where are we in the economic cycle?

2.  Are we in a growth or value cycle?

3.  Are we in a large cap or small cap cycle?

            B.  Industry Analysis

                  1.  What is going on in the stock’s industry?  What factors affect those companies.

                  2.  Where is your stock in its industry?  Largest?  Smallest?  Competitive advantages?

            C.  Company Analysis

                  1.  Dividend Discount Models

                        A. K, You Can Use: rf = 1.0 - 3.0%,  rm = 8 - 12% for large cap, rm = 12 - 16% for small cap

                        B. K, using the dividend discount model

                        C. g, using (ROE x b), Actual div growth, earnings growth, Div discount model

                        D. Growth Model Valuation

                        E. No Growth Model

                        F. Present Value of Growth Opportunities

                        G. Market implied Growth Rate

                  2.  P/E analysis, trend and projections

                        A. Intrinsic P/E calculation

                        B. “Normal” P/E estimate

                        C. Projected Price using Normal P/E

                        D. Projected Price using Relative P/E (relative to the S&P 500)

                  3.  Analysts earnings estimates/Opinion Ratings

                  4.  Insider buying or selling

                  5.  Financial Statement analysis

                        a.  Cash trends and relative positions

                  6.  Ratio Analysis – Trend and relative analysis

                        a.  Price to book, current ratio, debt to equity

                  7.  Trend Analysis of earnings

                  8.  Optional: Any other concepts we have covered (short interest, option chain, etc,)


            III)  Technical Analysis (Include printed chart with trend and support lines indicated, if they exist)

                  A.  Support and Resistance

                  B.  Is it currently trending up or down?

                  C.  Moving Average Analysis (optional)


            V)  Projections and recommendations

                  A.  Predicted value at some point in the future

                  B.  Calculate projected holding period return for a holding period of your choice

                  C.  Recommended buy price if the stock is not currently a buy

                  D.  Recommended target price

                  E.  Recommended “stop loss” price

                  F.  Risks to be aware of


Support data must be included in addition to the actual report.  You are free to use any other sources for information.  Your full report should also include any other source data referenced in your recommendations.  For instance, if you quote an S&P research report or Morningstar stock report, they should be included as appendixes to your analysis.  Any numbers presented in the report must include support data.


Calculations for valuation models should be in addendums.  An Excel spreadsheet must also be incorporated in your report.  More details on this requirement will be given later.