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write 400-500 words abstract about AN ART TOPIC related to Barcelona (not the general art about barcelona. but a specific art topic of Barcelona.


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Congratulations, your business is off to an excellent start and sales have been healthy. However, a rumour has started that the material used in your water bottle is very unhealthy and your water bottle is a breathing ground for bacteria. While   the rumour is untrue, many people believe it and the rumour has started to have an effect on sales. What do you do?  

There are two parts, both parts combined must be at least 1500 words. Utilize APA format and utilize at least (4) scholarly references.  A separate Word document must be submitted for each part of the essay.  You will submit a Word document in response to Part I and a separate Word document in response to Part II.

(Part I) will focus on the crime scene assessment, primarily focusing on blood evidence. The second part (Part II) will focus on Courtroom Testimony.


The term Project requires students to select a real homicide case in which bloodstain analysis was utilized as a forensic tool to assist in determining “what” happened. First, the student will summarize the case. Second, the student will explain in detail the role of bloodstain analysis in the case. What did the bloodstain analysis reveal? Finally, the student will discuss the use of the scientific method in the selected case and in bloodstain analysis in general and the importance of remaining objective. This project must be at least (5) content pages with separate title and reference pages. The student must utilize APA format and utilize at least (4) scholarly references.

One discussion reply - 150 words.


While 360-degree appraisals have many advantages, they are not for every employer or every type of employee.

Read Sections 8.2c Who Should Appraise an Employee’s Performance? and 8.2d Putting It All Together: 360-Degree Evaluations (p 310-313) in your textbook.

For your initial post, imagine you are an HR manager for a company that has a large call center. The call center manager wants your help initiating a 360-degree appraisal for his call center representatives. In your initial post, discuss whether you would encourage or discourage this and why. Describe what conditions would need to be in place in order for a 360-degree appraisal process to be effective with the call center staff.

Include at least one citation and reference 

  Prepare a one paragraph prospectus and list of sources for your project, due Monday March 27. A prospectus is a research plan, briefly stating the topic you will write about in your essay. Use the Cunningham Library electronic databases (including WorldCat, JSTOR, and Academic Search Complete), to identify at least three books or journal articles on the topic you have selected.


The topic is :


The Islamic conquest of the near east.

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Using the material on performance management and appraisals provided in this week’s lesson and the case, in a short paper you should:  Determine the HRM’s role in the performance management process and explain how to ensure the process aligns with the organization’s strategic plan.  Differentiate between the trait, behavioral, and results-based performance appraisal systems, providing an example where each would be most applicable.  Identify best suited appraisal for the Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner.  Identify and describe a variety of performance rating scales that can be used in organizations including graphical scales, letter scales, and numeric scales. Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 2–3 pages in length and double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font. Be sure to list your references at the end of your paper.