In Deming's red beads example, employees have no control over their performance.  Give an example situation in the real world and discuss the managerial insights one can obtain from this example.  Sell your insights to the others on the Discussion Board and get agreement on your insights. Then, research the topic further, add your citations and put into your Word file for the dropbox submittal.

Go to the following website of the Smithsonian and select a topic of interest from the many displayed there. In APA-style format, write a 2-3 page paper that:

  1. Describes the details of the topic
  2. Explains why you chose this particular topic
  3. Describe how the topic relates to Biodiversity and Evolution
  4. Details how a changing environment may have had an effect on the organisms studied in your selected topic.

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This week, you have learned about how to use Cronbach's alpha as a measure of scale reliability. In this Application, you will calculate Cronbach's alpha for provided data.

To prepare for this Application:

  • Review pp. 706–711 of the Field text for a description of using Cronbach's alpha to measure scale reliability.

  • Review Chapter 5 from the APA manual, "Displaying Results."

The assignment:

Calculate Cronbach's alpha on the scale provided on pp. 710-711 of the Field text using the SAQ (item 3 reversed).sav file.

Report your findings in APA format according to the guidelines in the PASW Application Assignment Guidelines handout. The final document should be 2–3 pages long.

When conducting research, it is important to use a scale that is both valid and reliable. In this Discussion, you will assess the reliability and validity of a scale relating to your research proposal.


To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 18 of the Frankfort-Nachmias and Nachmias text as well as the website on scaling.

  • Search your discipline's literature for a research article that contains an example of a test and a scale.

  • Choose a published research article that includes discussion of scale reliability and validity. You should choose one that reflects a scale you are using in your design; however, if you are not using a scale, choose an article that reflects a scale used for research in your discipline.

  • What considerations need to be made to ensure the scale and test are reliable and valid for another population?


With these thoughts in mind:

Post 3 to 4 pages of critique of the scale used in the article and report to the class on its reliability and validity. State the methods the researchers used to test scale reliability and validity. Were these the best choices? Explain any different choices that you would have made. Along with the assignment, post the scale or a link to the scale so that fellow students can view it and discuss it.

Which of the following programs is more sustainable?

  1. A funder gives money to groups that will buy food and distribute it to low-income families.
  2. A funder gives money to groups that will create community gardens with resident participants in low-income neighborhoods who will continue the program in years to come.

Given the realities of international financial volatility, funding for public health programs may be abruptly discontinued, leaving programs unfinished and participants underserved. Public health professionals need to anticipate how a program will be sustained when the funding or program term ends. Not only is this better for the program itself, but it provides more lasting benefits for society.


For this Discussion, review the media titled Empowering Women. Consider how the program executives raise funds to sustain their program despite a small operating budget. Also, consider some of the serious ramifications for social change in Belize if the program was not sustainable.


Read the following scenario:

You receive funding for your program (SPP). After 3 years, the funding ends. Consider how you can sustain your program past the initial funding of your program (SPP), and determine the long-term impact it might have on the community.


Main post

Post by Day 4

Word Limit: 230-600 words (you must stay within the word limit)

References: 2 and more

Divide your text these sections - use these headings:

1. Explanation of the importance of sustainability to your chosen public health program (SPP)

2. Explanation of at least 2 strategies you might incorporate into your program to ensure sustainability in post-funding years

3. Explanation of how your public health program, if implemented, could promote long-term social change

Imagine that the funder of a public health program has commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the program. The funder eagerly awaits the results of the evaluation, only to be disappointed when the results do not seem to reflect as dramatic a change as anticipated. Evaluations do not always yield the desired results. In a case such as the one described above, as a public health professional, how might you go back to a community and tell them that a program did not work? Familiarizing yourself with the challenges of evaluation and reporting will help you mitigate such challenges in the future.


For this week’s Discussion, review the media titled Challenges to Evaluation and Reporting. Consider the evaluation and reporting challenges described by the individuals involved in Mary Open Doors, Water Missions Belize, and the Ministry of Health, and the strategies to address those challenges. Think beyond those that are mentioned by the individuals in the media. Select one of the three public health programs in the media and consider additional challenges to evaluation and reporting

Main post


Word Limit: 400-600 words - you must stay within the word limit!

References: 2 and more

Divide your text these sections - use these headings (do not modify them):

1. Description of the public health program from Belize that you selected

2. Challenge to evaluation

2.1. Description of one potential additional challenge to evaluation

2.2. Explanation why it is challenging

2.3. Explanation of one strategy for addressing the evaluation challenge

3. Challenge to reporting

3.1. Description of one potential additional challenge to reporting

3.2. Explanation why it is challenging

3.3. Explanation of one strategy for addressing the reporting challenge



In a 1-2 page paper, choose one of the fraud categories discussed in Chapter 3 and 4. With the opportunity perspective in mind, describe the objectives which act as motivators for this crime. Assignment checked for plagiarism through SafeAssign. Topics:


Employee Theft in the Retail System

Crimes in the Entertainment Services System

Fraud in the Sales/Service System

Auto Repair/Sales Fraud

Crimes in the Insurance System

Fraud by Doctors

Unncessary Surgery

Fraud by Pharmacists

Home Health Care Fraud

Medical Malpractice



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