Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method

The qualitative method of research is characterized by the collection and analysis of textual data like surveys, interviews, focus groups, conversational analysis and observation (Olds, et-al, 2005). The qualitative approach is more uncertain, studying behavior in natural environments using words, images and identify natural patterns and themes. It also generates new hypotheses and theories based on collected data, narrating reports with description, categories and exploration. The qualitative can refute any hypotheses.

            Quantitative research methods use statistical analysis for comparing, description and relating variables. It also uses numerical data, hypotheses testing, effect size and interval estimates. This is used to identify statistical relationships and generalized findings. It uses highly structured methods, such as surveys, questionnaires and observation. This can predict casual relationships; quantify variation, study design, statistical assumptions and conditions. This method is inflexible which helps with meaningful comparisons of responses across participants.

            The mixed research method on the other hand is deductive and inductive with multiple objectives and forms. It studies behavior in more than one context or condition. Uses numeric variables, words and images with a statistical and holistic approach. In-depth narrative description and identification of overall themes are used as well. One major popular mixed method approach is the sequential explanatory strategy. This has the advantage of having multiple ways to explore a research problem. The mixed method can address problems of different levels, complement the strengths of single design and overcome the weaknesses as well.

            The method selected for my final project model would be the qualitative method. This goes into details and more in depth, with cost-effectiveness, flexible times and locations, making interviews easier. It gives a clear picture of complex problems including how and what experiences about the project simply seeking to discover and understand the perspectives and views of people involved.





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Qualitative Research method is information that is gathered that can be discussed.  It gathers information that can be formed into a hypothesis.  According to the text, "much like in quantitative research, it is used as a broad explanation for behavior and attitudes, and it may be complete with variables, constructs, and hypotheses" (Creswell, 2013).  When testing your hypothesis with qualitative research, there are many different processes that can be conducted.  The Participation Observation allows the researcher to become a part of the test.  This may take some time to conduct, because the researcher has to become adapted to their surroundings or accepted into the group their conducting research on.  An example of  Participant Observation be is the researcher gathering information on homelessness and live as such.  During the time of research, they live exactly as homeless people live, while gathering data for their project. 

Another form of qualitative research is Unstructured Interviewing, where the researcher is in direct contact with the study group.  You see this many times researchers conducting studies on inner city youth, gangs, drug dealers and other study groups.  The researcher may ask standard, guided questions, then move to any question they may have.  With this method, because there are no set "rules" this may make analyzing data more difficult.  

Quantitative Research methods involves research and data collected, based on the hypothesis proposed.  According to the text, "For example, Kerlinger's (1979) definition of a theory seems still valid today. He said that a theory is “a set of interrelated constructs (variables), definitions, and propositions that presents a systematic view of phenomena by specifying relations among variables, with the purpose of explaining natural phenomena” (p. 64) (Creswell, 2013).  

Mixed Method Research involves collecting data, conducting research and combining both methods, qualitative and qualitative methods, to provide a better understanding of the research conducted.  An online article suggests, "One of the most advantageous characteristics of conducting mixed methods research is the possibility of triangulation, i.e., the use of several means (methods, data sources and researchers) to examine the same phenomenon" (Food Risc, n.d).  Conducting mixed method research will allow any weaknesses found in qualitative and quantitative research to be covered up, due to the fact that both methods fill in the gaps of each other.  An example is when the quantitative research requires to understand certain behaviors of the study group but does not provide that information, qualitative research makes up for it.  

I chose a mixed method approach and it works well with my final project, because the statics and data that has to be researched, needs to be combined with certain behaviors and environments.  My project is on mental illness in the African-American community and some articles provide a lot of statistics and numbers that contribute to the amount of case studies conducted.  Quantitative research cannot contribute to the behaviors and the culture of the black community and only having one research method will not provide all of the necessary information needed to successfully complete this subject.  


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