I need a 6 page powerpoint with the following:


You will need to do the following:

1.       Identify a key issue in the U.S. healthcare system that requires you (as a current or emerging leader) to make critical decisions about it. For some examples of healthcare issues, see the Forbes article “The Five Biggest Problems in Health Care Today” athttp://www.forbes.com/sites/leahbinder/2013/02/21/the-five-biggest-problems-in-health- care-today/.Select ONE issue that you would like to address in your persuasive speech (the issues are NOT limited to the ones in the Forbes article and can include any other issues you may thinkof).

2.       Do some research on the selected issue to determine its scope, current and future consequences, and potential (realistic)solutions.

3.       As a leader, take a position on the issue and defend your decision in light of your leadership philosophy. Prepare a persuasive speech in which you would need to a) explain the severity of the issue and its current (or potential) consequences, b) propose ONE [due to time constraints] way of addressing the issue, and c) justify your choice of thesolution.

4.       The main goal of the powerpoint is to be persuasive and convince the audience that the problem you selected is critical and warrants immediate attention and your proposal is the right one to implement. The main goal of this project is to apply the theory learned in class to how become an effective leader and influence others without relying on formal power and authority, but utilizing your social capital, expertise and ability to grasp the entirety of the complexsituation.










Please submit a writing sample in the form of a response to the scenario outlined below.




You have received a "Share Your Experience" form, and the patient has complained about waiting in the waiting area to be seen for over two hours. Please tell us how you would go about responding to this patient's feedback. I have attached a letter outline for your use.



Due tonight...

Throughout most of the history of art, artists have been inspired to create portraits of heroes and heroines. Even today, statues and monuments in city parks and plazas remind us of those who have shaped our history, as do painted portraits of heroes and heroines that hang in many museums and public buildings. Consider the meaning of "hero," think critically about how heroes and otherimportant persons were portrayed in the civilizations discussed throughout Chapters 16-18, and then tell us how you would create a portrait of your own personal hero or heroine using any materials or programs available.

You have two options:

1. You can write a description of the artwork and include references to images in the textbook or links to images outside of the textbook that inspire the style, format, design, colors, etc. of your portrait.


2. Create your own artwork and attach a picture of it here, making sure to include a description and rationale of why you chose to represent your hero in a specific way.

Propose detailed feedback and critical analysis that can incorporate into a draft.

Prepare a Maximum 250-word synopsis summarizing what you have learned from the review. Please make sure to include specific recommendations for paper(s). 

The paper that needs to be review, i have uploaded below. see attachment the synopsis will be done on that upload


I need a 2 page response on Annie Dillard on "Seeing"  It is due today by 11:00 pm

Chapter 5 discusses the process of osmosis, including the terms isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic.  If you are stranded on a raft in the ocean there is water everywhere, but can you drink it?  Why or why not, and how do the terms I mentioned apply?


History final paper (5 pages)