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I need help in a econ math homework. which is due in 7 hours from now.

I uploaded the questions on the attachment below.


at least 2 paragraph of summary and one of critique

cover all the main points 

I have a business case need your help. I wanna establish Company Report and Business Cooperation Plan. This is our company specific information and detail.


Our company is an international trade company in Asian country (TAIWAN),

Our sales aftermarket racing parts, performance parts ,and also trading export europe car to Asia. Our seeking to become international dealer and distributors. Seeking overseas cooperation brand. That include resource Integration, Supply Chain...etc.


This business cooperation planning need include purpose, motivation, company info, structure of company, market positioning, market mechanism, marketing, advertising media, business strategy, create the overseas market, short term and long term goals, future prospects...etc.


Please use very formal and profession writing to write this Company Report and Business Cooperation Plan. And also use your strategy and idea to fix and complete.


For : Racing Product Company, Motorsport Company in USA

Objective: To get the international dealer and international distributor.

Our Company Name: DTM Motor / DTM International

Using the internet ,research,research thedissrent diversity , inclusion and equal opportunties policies of a range ofbusinesses,how do the policises differ,    if at all?   how could the policies be improved ?\





One page needed within 15 hours


Refer to the Word document (ENGI1100 Project1.doc) posted which gives step-by-step instructions about Project1. Also posted is a text file (p1inputdata.txt) which is what you will use in your project as input data for Project1.


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