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Organizations today have adopted innovative measures to retain key talent and reduce turnover. These measures include dual-career paths and alternative or flexible work arrangements. In addition, some organizations also provide their employees with outplacement, recruitment, and coaching services.

Managers should know and understand how to develop an employee in his/her preferred career path.  In order for the assessment data to be beneficial to the employee, the manager should understand and know how to interpret the data.   For this assignment, you will conduct an interview with someone who is in or has been in a management position and write a 4-5 page paper covering the following items:

  • What value does the manager you interviewed place on career self-assessments?
  • What role does the interviewee play in helping his or her employee reach their career objectives? Does the manager see any room for improvement in this area? Why or why not? 
  • Based on your interview, outline proactive approaches employees can employ to gain assistance from his/her manager to advance within the organization and discuss how the information gathered from a career assessment can be used to promote internal career development
  • In addition, address the steps the employee can take to ensure assistance is received on a continual basis from the manager to promote workplace self-development.

All sources should be cited in proper APA format


Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process. Career assessments are designed to help you determine the most appropriate career choice and to help you plan your future. These assessments can provide insights regarding your personality, values, interests, and skills and the role they play in your career development and management.

The Internet is increasingly used as a source of self-assessment, career development, and career management. Review the online career assessment tools Select and complete three of these assessments.

Prepare a discussion posting addressing the following items. Your responses should go beyond mere surface interpretations to provide depth of self-exploration and self-discovery.

  • What do the results reveal about your values, interests, skills, goals, interaction style, etc.?
  • How will this information be useful for your career development and management?

Write your responses in about 300 words.

  1. For year one of your NAB company’s Business Plan, complete the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet sections from the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template (see: Course Required Files in Week 1). Note: Attach the MS Excel worksheet to the discussion thread.
  2. Hints: Your marketing costs should already be included as you created your Marketing Budget in Week 4 and those will be filled in automatically.
  • Hints: Use the figures you arrived at in the operations and technology sections of your plan to help fill out your financial forms.
  • Hints: Work through the worksheets in order. The excel worksheets will automatically enter the numbers into your Income Statement.
  1. Develop the following financial sections of your NAB company’s Business Plan. Note: Attach the MS Word document to the discussion thread.
    1. Sources and use of funds
    2. Plan assumptions
    3. Break-even analysis


Research Paper

Select a ONE topic from the following list on which you would like to conduct an in-depth investigation:

1.      Information systems infrastructure: evolution and trends

2.      Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations

3.      Big data and its business impacts

4.      Managerial issues of a networked organization

5.      Emerging enterprise network applications

6.      Mobile computing and its business implications  

Note:  You may use up to three resources found by yourself or your peers as resources for the paper.

Research paper basics:

• 8-10 pages in length

• APA formatted

 • Minimum six (6) sources – at least two (2) from peer reviewed journals

• Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion

• See rubric for more detailed grading criteria


Some good questions to ask yourself before turning in your research paper:

 • Is the paper of optimal length?

• Is the paper well organized?

 • Is the paper clear and concise?

• Is the title appropriate?

• Does the abstract summarize well?

 • Are individual ideas assimilated well?

 • Are wording, punctuation, etc. correct?

• Is the paper well motivated?

• Is interesting problem/issue addressed?

 • Is knowledge of the area demonstrated?

• Have all key reference been cited?

• Are conclusions valid and appropriate?


 • Are your references formatted according to the APA format?


Select one type of fire pump, and explain how the fire pump operates. Details in the essay shall include the water supply, operation, pump driver, controller, components, and discharge.

300 WORDS 





Q2:There are a variety of standpipe systems, which are installed based on the conditions and operations within a building. List and describe the components included in a standpipe system. What type of standpipe system would you install in a 40-story residential high-rise (apartment building) and why? Describe how firefighters can benefit from pre-planning the system you selected.


300 WORDS 



Provide an analysis on the (4) market structures covered in class and our text; Pure Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly & Monopoly. In specific, give the following: 


1. Summary of each structure
2. Characteristics 
3. Interesting and unique market forces of each
4. Real-world examples
5. Fit in the Cost Behavior information to each of the structure. In other words, how do costs factor into each reality? 
6. 2-3 pages maximum. 






you now will have the opportunity to voice your

own thoughts, impressions, and conclusions about the literary representations of American values and ideals across the centuries. 

To accomplish this, you may have to do:

  1. A letter to the editor of the Washington Post newspaper of at least
  2. 500 words.

You may also want to take a look at an article written in 1984 by L. Robert Kohls, Executive Director of The Washington International Center, Washington, D.C.,

Here you will find a reevaluation and examination of the values Kohls identifies as central to Americans’ lives and self-perceptions.