Essay #2

i need to write problem statement and introduction for this problem

 In two pages maximum

first identify the problem statement 

then write an introduction including (define design specifications, realistics constraints, and design variables)



Due in 12 hours

Course Project - Stock Performance and Equity Investments

This is the fourth part of the course project. For this assignment, you will need to refer back to the five stocks selected in Module 03. This includes the two stocks analyzed last week in Module 08.


In your assignment, discuss the following:

  • How are the stocks in your watch list performing since you first selected them? Speculate on reasons for each stock's performance and justify your analysis with research about the firms and the stock market in general.
  • Do any of the firms selected have preferred stock or convertible investments available? If so, how do these investments compare and contrast to the common stock ones you have been following?

Your assignment should be a minimum of 2 written pages and utilize APA formatting. In-text citations and a reference page should also be included.

6 essay questions


You are required to complete a 3-5 page term paper related to a topic on an aspect of adulthood.  You can choose a psychological disorder, menopause, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.  Any area of psychology as long as it pertains to adulthood.  Attached is the rubric for the term paper.


Read the journal article, “Businesses Seeking Working Capital-Survey.” Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the following:

  • How should a business use working capital analysis?
  • Which is more important to the short-term lender: the stock of cash or the flow of cash?
  • Is it possible in today's business to operate with no current liabilities?  

Consider where you live and the cultural diversity that is present in that community. Who could you invite to your campus to provide positive cultural role models for your students? If your community is not culturally diverse, do you feel the need to “bring in” culturally diverse people and opinions? Why/why not? Do you feel it is necessary to involve different community entities in your school so that cultural diversity is appreciated?

Pretend you are a new student at a school. You have been in the United States for a very short amount of time, and no one at your new school speaks your language. After reading Chapter 5 and watching the required video presentation, Teaching Foreign Languages: Make Your Students Feel at Ease, use what you have learned from those resources to answer the following questions:

  • What would you need from the teacher to make input comprehensible?
  • What could the teacher do to scaffold lessons for you?
  • How can the teacher effectively lower the affective filter for you while still creating positive anxiety?


I have a plant scince paper that need to be done. I want good work to get an A. Check he attachment files to e instructions.