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This is a question based eassy. Answer the questions and provide the references. Single space and at least 2 pages. 


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Here is the requirement! for the writing techniques

Writing Tips for Homework:

Homework and rewrites of test questions will be graded primarily based on the scientific and analytical content of the work. This includes an adequate use of citations to appropriate literature, use of appropriate analytical tools including proper introduction and explanation of equations and calculations used to consider the problems, a concise discussion of the conclusions of the work. Below the basic formats expected and some guidelines for layout of assignments are outlined.

References:  Appropriate references are typically considered to stem from juried (reviewed) literature. This means that the work should have been reviewed and published in scientific or engineering journals. Citing textbooks is allowed when documenting well known techniques and or solutions to specific mathematical problems. In general, it is not appropriate to quote a text book when the object is to refer to a specific piece of work in the juried literature. Instead it the original work should be cited. A text may be cited when it provides an overview of an entire field. The discussion should still quote the individual works that are pertinent to the discussion in the homework. A final note on textbooks is that they are usually out of date, therefore the newest juried literature is the place to start on homework.

When providing a reader with a reference list a good “rule of thumb” is to quote the most up to date references on the topic, a few of the major contributions on the issues, and the original work on the problem. Be explicit in discussing the role of each of the works cited in framing the conclusions in your paper. This is very important in documenting what you have added to our understanding of the problem with your own analysis. In other words carefully documenting what you have added.


Citations should appear in the text. While modern word processing has made it easy to use footnotes, you should use the authors’ names and the date for their work in the text.  Single authors should appear as Smith (2001) if you are discussing the work outright in the sentence. If the citation is just to provide a source for further research by the reader, the citation usually appears at the end of the discussion as (Smith, 2001).  In general, in scientific papers page numbers are not given in the text. For two authors, both are provided, i.e. Smith and Jones (2008). For three or more authors make use of the Latin et al., i.e. Jones et al. (2010). Again these should be worked into the narrative when you are actually discussing a work or placed in parenthesis if you are just supplying references for the reader to go to for further information.

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1. Prepare a cash budget by quarter for 2016 using the provided template. Will Manchester keep their projected borrowing needs in line with the $1 million line of credit they are asking the bank for?

2. As we see in the budgeted assumptions, Manchester wants to improve its cash flow by concentrating on collecting receivables sooner in the second half of 2016. What else can Manchester do to improve its cash flow?

3. Prepare a projected income statement and balance sheet for 2016.

4. Manchester's goal is to have return on sales of 8% in 2016. Based on the projected income statement calculated for 2016 will Manchester achieve this goal? What are some things Manchester can do to improve its return on sales?

5. Based on the cash budget and projected financial statements, do you recommend that the company keep growing and spend money on capital expenditures? Why?