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In-class student thinker’s essay: On the date upon


which you are assigned, you come to class with a two-


page word-processed paper centered upon something


that is making you thoughtful from our discussion


and/or material and read it aloud to the class. After the


class in which you read, be sure to hand-in your essay


to me and I will return it to you next class with


comments and a qualitative grade. You need only do


one in-class response reading to earn this portion of


your grade. This 2 page informal response essay --


along with your essay tests -- constitute the writing


component of this class, and they should be cleanly


and carefully written just as you would a formal paper.


The story may be real or imaginary and can be a fun, humorous or disastrous incident. It includes all relevant details. List of suggestions below:




physical characteristics

Illness/accident or medical problems

Description of treatment/operations


Must be in spanish and demonstrate adverbs and preterite and imperfect forms.

Define organizational learning within the context of crisis management. How can this learning take place within the four areas of the crisis management framework?

You are in charge of your company’s newly formed crisis management team.  Over the past several years, there has been a steady increase of “active shooter’s” in the work place.  Your CEO wants to improve the safety of your workplace to prevent the possibility of this type of scenario.  How can your crisis management team address learning for this type of crisis in the context of the landscape survey, strategic planning, crisis management, and organizational learning phases?



Crandall, W., Parnell, J. A., Spillan, J. E., & all, W. R. (2013). Crisis management: Leading in the new strategy landscape (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.





: Neuroscience Powerpoint

Split into pairs for this assignment. Present a Powerpoint presentation that reviews an article or book on neuro science or neuro-economics. The Powerpoint presentation will be ten slides excluding the title page and the references page.

The slides will review the following:

  • Common and consistent themes presented in the article;
  • A review of the assumptions regarding decision-making inherent in the views and opinions of the authors;
  • The challenges you see in applying these ideas to decision-making in a business setting; and
  • Your initial views on the role a neuro science play implementation of any decisions or actions taken.

You should focus on the following items:

  • Abstract
  • Core concepts and theory (s)
  • Applications
  • Critique
  • Conclusions
  • Your assessment and recommendations

1.  MNCs face a fundamental strategic dilemma when competing internationally. Explain the complexities of the global-local dilemma facing multinational organizations. Compare and contrast local-responsiveness solution and global integration solution. Do not forget to mention multidomestic strategy, transnational strategy, international strategy, and regional strategy in your answer.



2.  As a major form of political risks, the world has witnessed the impact of terrorism on the operations of multinationals, especially within the past decade. Explain the different kinds of political risks and tools multinationals use in fighting them.


300 words per answer min. APA format

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This paper for my American Government class.

if its necessary, we are using the intorduction to American Government book 11th adition. 

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1. You are to find 3 current events and they can be on any thing related to the class (they do not all have to be on the same topic).

2. Your Paper will be 5 pages MLA format and written in YOUR OWN WORDS.

3. You are not to copy and paste and you must turn in whole pages no 1\2 or 1\4 page the page must be complete.

4. I only want on each page what I ask for do not go over if your summary is too long then cut it so that it fits on one page.


Page 1. Introduction of your 3 articles

Page 2. Summary of Article 1 (In your own words)

Page 3 Summary of Article 2 (In your own words)

Page 4 Summary of Article 3 ( In your own words)

Page 5 Conclusion and how your articles relate to class


Please understand that this paper is a summary of the current events to be written in your own words, so once you read the article explain it to me like you would if you were talking to your mom or a family member. I only want on each page what I asked for so if one of your summaries is too long then cut it. Your paper is due on October 29th, this is worth 100 points toward your grade so its important that you do this assignment. I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK!

NEED ASAP! MUST BE NEW AND ORIGINAL WORK NOT GIVEN TO OTHER STUDENTS. Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in the accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Include citations in the text and references at the end of the document in APA format.

Assignment 2: Competency Restoration

If criminal defendants are deemed incompetent to face a trial, they have the right to have their competency restored since they cannot be released without having a trial and they cannot be held indefinitely without being given the opportunity to become competent. Accordingly, it is important to state how they will be restored to competency.

Create a 3- to 4-page paper in a Microsoft Word document answering the two parts of this assignment.

Part 1:

CST has long been a sought-out legal procedure. Identify a landmark case decision that has played a factor in this process and address the following issues:

  • Explain the process of competency restoration.
  • Describe why the process of competency restoration is important.
  • Discuss one landmark case decision that has played a role in the process of restoration.

Part 2:

Elaborate on your discussion by including the process of restoration in the forensic arena.

In your report, address the following:

  • Identify the appropriate APA ethical codes and the specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists that may apply to the process of restoration.
  • Examine the limits to confidentiality.
  • Identify the factors that might impede competency restoration.

Your responses should rely upon at least three scholarly resources from the professional literature that are cited in APA format. The literature may include the Argosy University online library resources; relevant textbooks; peer-reviewed journal articles; and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu and .gov).

 Read the following scenario:

Lena is a community health care nurse who works exclusively with HIV-positive and AIDS patients. As a part of her job, she evaluates new cases and reviews confidential information about these patients. In the course of one of these reviews, Lena learns that her sister’s boyfriend has tested HIV positive. Lena would like to protect her sister from harm and begins to consider how her sister can find out about her boyfriend’s health status.


  • Consult at least two resources to help you establish Lena’s legal and ethical position. These resources might include your state’s Nurse Practice Act, the ANA’s Code of Ethics, ANA’s Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, and internal or external standards of care.
  • Consider what action you would take if you were Lena and why.
  • Determine whether the law and the ANA’s standards support or conflict with that action.

Question; Description of the actions you would take in this situation, and why. Justify these actions by referencing appropriate laws, ethical standards, and professional guidelines.