EMC plays an increasingly important part in the design of electronic products and systems. Your task is to discuss the techniques and ‘good practice’ used in the design of various parts of a complex electronic product (system) to increase the chances of the final system becoming compliant to the EMC directive. How would you ensure that the system was designed and installed to ensure electromagnetic compatibility?


If after this recommended design process the system failed to meet the EMC standard/s you had chosen, what other techniques would you recommend to correct any system problems?


System Overview:

Modern hospitals use significant electrical power and there are increasing numbers of sophisticated electronic devices present within the environment to make it safe and fit for purpose.


The environment must be protected from a wide variety of electrical noise, as this could seriously affect the performance and reliability of the equipment, this could lead to health and safety issues. There are also sensitive sensors and transducers used along with a large number of personal electronic communication devices used by staff as well as patients and visitors.


There are also areas for consideration like permitting access to certain locations, fire and evacuation arrangements and lighting etc that could be effected by failure of safety systems.


The assignment should concentrate on the following system elements and could be broken into four distinct areas, each focussed on the EMC issues likely to be present-


1. Sub system

A summary of the hospital environment as it relates to EMC.

2. Sub system

The control of access and emergency evacuation issues.

3. Sub system

Safety critical systems.

4. System design issues

Recognition of good EMC system design.


Criteria for assessment(Marking break down)

1 Application of good EMC design rules for the system

2 Evidence of system analysis and interpretation of potential EMC issues.

3 Evaluation of potential solutions to system EMC related


4 Use of EDRA to evaluate technical recommendations, clearly expressed in the report as a conclusion.

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You have to watch "Undercover Boss (Hooters)" video :


and apply it to the two attachment I upload "Communicating in Groups" and "Communicating in Orginization"

(You can use my note paper, if you would like)




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Filing Systems

Discuss serial numbering system, unit numbering system, social security numbering system, family numbering system and serial unit numbering.

Which system do you prefer and why?



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  1. Circular Flow Diagram

    Explain how the circular flow diagram relates to the current economic situation. Using the circular flow diagram, explain a way that your family interacts in the factor market and a way that it interacts in the products market.

    Guided Response:

    Review the discussion board posts of your classmates. Respond to at least two of your classmates and comment on their descriptions of the circular flow diagram and factors of production. Discuss how circular flow relates to current economic situations.

  2. Supply and Demand

    Analyze how the law of demand applies to a recent purchase that you made. Describe how the product has changed in price and explain whether the price change is due to supply or demand. Did the change in price affect your decision to purchase the item?

    Guided Response:

    Review the discussion board posts of your classmates. Note their analysis of a recent purchase and respond to at least two of your classmates. In your responses, discuss the effects of a price change and how it might alter your decision to make a purchase, according to the determinants of supply or demand.



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Week One Quiz

This quiz consists of 10 questions

1)    As a Finance/Real Estate major from FSBM at Temple University, you have been asked to evaluate the following two schools of thought in Real Estate. One school argues that the value of real estate is based on “location, location, location; the other school argues that the value of real in today’s economy must be geared in terms of cash flows. What would be your reaction to these two arguments?(Length: open)



2)    Discuss thoroughly the process and analyses that one must go through in order to make a sound and analytical RE investment decision. You must discuss these with specific references to the steps involved in  your group project.(Length: open) 

SOCIOLOGY EXPERT ONLY.. Three essay 500 word each.



1. Identify and discuss the five responses of the anomie theory of deviance.



2. The Structural functional theory states there are negative consequences to stratification. Do these negative consequence have a greater impact on a caste or class system? Explain and justify your answer.

3. During the Antebellum south at one point Black/African people outnumbered whites. Why were they not counted as part of Dominant/Majority group. List and discuss how the White/Caucasian group was able to keep this from happening.


You are require to write at least 500 words for each essay. EACH ESSAY MUST BE COMPLETED ON DIFFERENT PAGES. THREE ATTACHMENT. Essay must be in MLA format with appropriate citation. The essay grade will depend on the thoroughness of how well you answer the essay question along with proper grammer, punctuation and syntax.

Similar to film and music reviews which analyze and critique the whole work, a review of a play or musical should also critique the production as a whole, in addition to its variety of elements.  The purpose of a review is to provide a potential audience with an unbiased opinion of the production, supported by facts.

This last written assignment requires you to attend one UT Department of Theatre and Film production this semester -- NO EXIT or LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.  This assignment is to:

      • analyze and critique the production, using theatrical terminology, not merely “liking or disliking” the play (do not turn in a rewritten version of the plot summary)

Like any written essay, a theatre review should contain an introduction, body and conclusion.  Elements that could be discussed in this review (but are not limited by) include:

      • introductory material (name of the play or production, playwright, performance location, date)
      • the production’s themes and/or playwright’s voice (what he/she was trying to say)
      • expected audience response
      • visual elements (set design, costumes, lighting, sound and/or music) and how they support (or don’t support) the production
      • artists’ performances (actors and their roles, director, designers), including their honesty/believability
      • successful moments in the play vs. unclear ones
      • conclusion or overall impression of the production

This theatre review should be based on the live theatrical performance seen here at UT, not a film version or other company's performance.  In general, your assignment should be typed and proofread, at least 3-4 pages in length.  Think creativity, originality (such as images, links, etc.) and presentational choices (such as Word, PowerpointPrezi, audio files, etc.).  Reviews are no longer just printed in newspapers or magazines, reviews are also found on television, radio and the internet.  Be careful of spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and MLA guidelines.  Remember to document any outside sources you use.  Early submissions are always accepted.

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