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Please find a current article, within the last 3 months, that deals with issues pertaining to RFID.  It can include for example:

  • Recently concluded conference or symposium
  • Changes or enhancements to RFID standards
  • Litigation over policies or conflict between competitors
  • The introduction of new technology
  • Anything relating to RFID as an industry

Please type up a 1 page synopsis of no less than 350 words. Prepare to discuss the article you find at the beginning of the next class and submit a printed copy to the instructor.  This will count towards your participation grade.

This final project paper will utilize many of the sections of material you have studied during the duration of this course. You will make use of your own personal observations and occupational experiences to enhance both quality and quantity of the final paper.


Whether you are employed in the public sector of safety or the private sector of safety and health management, your expertise and knowledge of dealing with other human beings will provide you with ample value in producing the finished paper.


Task Part I

In your Introduction to this essay please discuss what you learned after completing the first seven units to include a description of the relationship between the contents of this course and your present occupational position or your desired future occupational position.


Your relationship between concepts and knowledge to your present or desired future occupational position should be limited to a minimum of one page but should not exceed two pages.


Task Part II

Discuss how the concepts and knowledge, along with standards and professional qualifications, you have gained in this course relate to the following professional occupational positions:

 fire marshal,

 plan examiner, FIR 3303, Introduction to Fire Prevention

  fire inspector,

 life safety educator, and

 fire investigator.


Your explanation of the concepts and knowledge related to the five positions should be limited to a minimum of two full pages but should not exceed three pages.


Include specific references to specific topics found in the textbook (e.g., fire prevention and protection methods, fire protection systems, and record keeping and preservation). These are but a few of the possibilities. Do not limit your paper strictly to the example given.

I am in finance 312 and need my work done for week 3, What information do I need to provide?

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You will submit the last portion of your draft business development plan for your company, covering the specific opportunity assessment along with the trends and discussion on sustainability. This plan will be based on the results of Milestones One and Two in that it will consider that past forces of market change and the current capabilities and limitations of the company. This plan will align the company’s efforts to exploiting intrapreneurial opportunities as well as entrepreneurial opportunities, depending on the company’s capabilities. The plan should reflect consideration of potential future impacts on these plans such as changes in the economy, market position, technology innovation, or sociopolitical factors. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: A. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Develop a list of entrepreneurial opportunities outside the confines of the company you selected. Each opportunity in your list should have supporting rationale based on your market domain evaluation and PEST analysis. B. Entrepreneurial Assessment: Select one entrepreneurial opportunity from your list to assess. How viable is the opportunity? Your response should be supported with evidence from your market domain evaluation and PEST analysis. C. Trends: Evaluate key trends affecting the global business environment of your selected market domain. These could be geographic, political, or societal trends, or they could be trends specific to your market domain. D. Impact on Opportunities: Determine how these trends will impact the development of your selected intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial opportunities. E. Impact on Sustainability: Determine how these trends will affect the sustainability of your selected company. Which trends could be used to improve sustainable business operations? Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as an 8-10-page APA-style Word document with double spacing, not counting the cover page and reference page. It must be in 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins and at least three authoritative sources cited in APA format. 



The 1st Iteration to include your Plan, Action, Observations, and Reflections.

  • Plan – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the planning activity that has taken place…may include agendas or other manuscripts as appropriate
  • Action – at least one page in length, should include a description of that actual activity
  • Observation – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the information collected as well as any analysis
  • Reflection – at least one page in length, should include a description of your thoughts about what happened, what went well, as well as not so well.  If your iteration was a meeting, you may want to discuss the effectiveness of the meeting, did you have the best participants, did you miss any (not invite) or learned during the meeting you should have invited someone else..if so, what are your thoughts regarding mitigation …etc…

Remember to support appropriately.  Use 'personal communications' as necessary.


  • cite references in APA format
  • construct document in APA format
  • correctly documents tables, figures, headings, quotations, etc… in APA format

 Net Neutrality is an ongoing debate, and has been an issue ever since the Internet.  Write a separate paragraph with at least three sentences in each paragraph, for each of the following issues that are impacted by the battle over Net Neutrality.

  1. Taxes
  2. Monopolistic Practices  
  3. Restricting / Blocking access to web sites  
  4. Tiered Pricing  
  5. Competition / Keeping the Internet accessible.