The Blending Department of Luongo Company has the following cost and production data for the month of April.


Work in process, April 1

Direct materials: 100% complete ………………$100,000

Conversion costs: 20% complete ……………… 70,000

Cost of work in process, April 1 …………….…$170,000

Costs incurred during production in April

Direct materials ………………………………...$ 800,000

Conversion costs ………………………………. 365,000

Costs incurred in April ………………………… $1,165,000

Units transferred out totaled 17,000. Ending work in process was 1,000 units that are 100% complete as to materials and 40% complete as to conversion costs.


(a) Compute the equivalent units of production for 

(1) Materials and 

(2) Conversion costs for the month of April.

(b) Compute the unit costs for the month.

(c) Determine the costs to be assigned to the units transferred out and in ending work in process.

Please go and download the excel files from yahoo finance for the company you did section 2 and 3 and do the calculations on excel and send it to me as soon as possible, and remember that section 3 requires 1001 days historical data!


 Please do it again as soon as possible!!

I need two excel documents for section 2 and 3 


Math 450 3rd week Quiz 2st supplement. You must show the work in order to justify the answers. (Total 100)


1.     Given the Function:


a.     Find the domain of

b.    Find the x values for which  is discontinuous.


c.     Find


d.    Find


2.     Find the derivatives  .( Do not simplify.)












3.     The weekly revenue for a company that produces a single product, is given by the function


where x is the level of production (i.e., # of units produced).


a.     Find the marginal revenue function

b.    Find the level of production  for which the revenue function   is maximum.

Find the maximum value of

c.     Find the marginal revenue when x = 10

d.    Write the equation of the tangent line to the graph of y = R(x) when x = 10.



4.     Given the function    



a.     Find the critical points , the intervals of increase and decrease and the relative maximum and minimum of the function.

b.    Find the intervals of concavity (up or down) and the inflection points of the function.


5.     Find the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum of the function f(x) over the interval [0,4].



6.     Find an antiderivative for the given indefinite integrals.




b.    (Use a substitution.)   



7.     Evaluate the given definite integrals.





b.    (Use a substitution)




This hw is due in 1 hour. First person to answer gets it.

Watch "The Right Kind of Care."                                                 



Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing how the individual perceptions affected the communication between the people in the video. Answer the following in your paper: 

  • What verbal and nonverbal cues did you pick up that affected the communication? (What were the individual perceptions of the participants in the video?)
  • What is the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication?
  • How could the people in the video communicate more effectively?
  • What is intercultural communication?
  • How could the participants in the video improve their intercultural communication competence?

I need the following objectives answered with at least 250 words combined. Please used at least two sources:


o Compare and contrast social media and social networks.



o Correctly identify social media cites or social networks.



o Demonstrate the ability to conduct an online search.



o Explore a K-12 specific social networking tool.

I need your assistance

In the outside reading, we saw two different definitions for critical infrastructure. Your assignment for this LIST is simply to identify one organization or “asset” that you think should qualify as critical infrastructure in the United States. Look at those definitions and try to think broadly, don't just read what other students have come up with and find something similar.


Your post just needs to identify the item, as usual, shown in brackets. And then a sentence or two about why you think it is “critical infrastructure”.


Here's an example:


[Electric Power Grid] 


The power grid is often the first example of critical infrastructure (for instance in the glossary definition). Failure of the power grid can lead to breakdown in other elements of critical infrastructure, for instance, health care.


As always, you must come up with a different item than any previous student in the discussion (and you cannot use “electric power grid” as your example!).


I need your assistance