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Provide an example of a possible confusion between theological beliefs and ethical principles in acommonly-held religious belief system. Are there practices within this faith that might be critiqued as unethical? How should we apply the fundamentals of thical reasoning in this case? 

It should be at least two pages in length and should be typed using 12-point Times New Roman font. 

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The annotated bibliography will contain Four (4) current sources (LESS THAN 4 YEARS OLD). You will use the Modern Language Association (MLA) writing style.

My homework is response every person one paragraph 

you should start with agree or disagree.

Person 1

Chapter 6 is all about companies that create a foundation in discipline. They define and utilize a consistent, well-communicated framework in which the employee is expected to perform. It is important that employees and those you are assigned to lead know exactly what is expected of them or else they cannot and will not effectively to their jobs. For an employee to be productive and do what you want them to then you need to be clear exactly what you want so there are no questions to be asked.

While it is important to have a well-defined framework it is equally important that you build in a certain amount of intellectual and creative freedom into the employees daily tasks and jobs. This not only may lead to better and more effective ideas for the company but will also go a long way into making an employee feel like they are more apart of the company and they will want to work harder for it.


As I have been working in the technology field for the past 15+ years, chapter 7 stuck out to me. A stated in the book “Technology as an Accelerator, Not a Creator, of Momentum”. I do agree that the correct use of technology has made it easier for many companies to become a leader in their own field. Technology allowed many organization to bring their vision into fruition.

Organizations first need to identify which technology is correct for them and which will add relevance. This relevance is part of the three intersecting circles of the Hedgehog Concept The relationship to technology is no different from the relationship to any other category of decisions. Technology alone cannot create sustained great results.


1500 words

Provide an exsample from own experence where you acted in accordance with one ore more of the patterns of irrational or unethical decision making. Explain the egocentrism or sociocentrism, as well as any pathological tendencies of mind, involved in your thought process. How could you have applied the keys to sound decision making to approach the situation more rationally?

The paper needs to be at least two pages in length and should be typed using 12-point Times New Roman font, I would like the paper to be on by  Friday.

In this article as well as your reading for this week the balanced scorecard is explained: 

The Balanced Scorecard .

One of the best tools a manager has is a balanced scorecard.   Remember, our bowling alley manager from week 6! 

  • Discuss and define the control function of management.
  • Discuss how the scorecard approach fits in to the control function of management. 
  • Describe and explain the balanced score card and how and why it is used.
  • Create a balanced scorecard and explain how the use of a balanced scorecard could help to measure and possibly improve the turnover of employees. The scorecard will include objectives, measures, and targets.


Just so you do not have to go back to week Six, here is the case scenario:

 You are the manager of the northern branch of the Laurel City Bowling Alleys.  The owner, Jill Espy, has 4 other bowling alleys around town.  The average employee assigned to the concession stand of all the Laurel City Bowling Alleys lasts approximately 3 years.  However, in your branch, the average employee lasts only 8 months.  Jill is concerned about the lack of retention of concession employees especially since training new employees is costly to the company and this high turnover is costing her money that could be better spent elsewhere.

You have talked with your current concession staff and have learned that pay and scheduling may have some effect on the turnover rate.   Employees feel that the pay is low and the scheduling is erratic making it difficult to make plans outside of work.  You know that employees do not benefit from pay raises because they tend to leave before being at the alleys for a year. 

One worker indicated that many of the workers do not know how to handle difficult customers.  It makes them not want to come to work.   At the time, the focus seems to be on getting the job done rather on customer service.

Learning Activity 2 - Theme 2

Traditionally, theorists suggest that the managerial function of controlling should not be confused with control in the behavioral or the manipulative sense. This function does not imply that managers should attempt to control or to manipulate the personalities, values, attitudes, or emotions of their employees.  Instead, this function of management concerns the manager’s role in taking necessary actions to ensure that the work-related activities of employees are consistent with and contribute toward the accomplishment of organizational and departmental objectives. 

  • Research the concept of the virtual organization.
  • Describe and explain the differences between managing a co-located group of employees and virtual employees.
  • Then, explain how can a manager measure work that is performed when the employee may be 5,000 miles away?  Be sure to consider the virtual and global organizations and how a manager would control and measure work from afar.