I have a debate and I need help in answering 3 Qs that supports the republicans side. Also, support it with a video that support the argument as a whole along with articles and statestics you find while searching. the questions are as follow:



  1. President Obama recently signed an executive order to protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. Is this good for the economy? Dems: Yes, Reps: No 
  2. Would a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants benefit the economy? Dems: Yes, Reps: No 
  3. President Obama recently signed an executive order towards ending the five-decade embargo against Cuba. Is this good for the economy? Dems: Yes, Reps: No 

P.S. Dems means democrats and Reps means republicans. 

 choese 2 qustion from thequestion of criticl thinking then answer as the instrction shows down .

4 hrs from posting time 



How do you extend a class in Java? Provide an example.




How do you define a constructor in Java? Provide an example.




How does java call the constructors? Provide an example.




How do you call Inherited Class Members in Java? Provide an example.


Please I want a one peregraph about (Describing a specific example of how industry, goverment, or academia is applying principles of green chemistry) 


It's only one prargraph and shouldn't be longer than one paragraph. 


Week #3

                    Friday, February 12th:  Short Assignment #1 will be posted

 Required Reading Homework:

--Racism without Racists:  “Preface” pp. xiii-xvi. 

--Racism without Racists:  “Chapter 1:  The Strange Enigma of Race in Contemporary America” pp. 1-24.  Please watch the following clips:

 SFSU Third World Strike:



“Storm at Valley State”  (history of ethnic studies at CSUN):


Yuri Kochiyama at SFSU (40-year anniversary of the ethnic studies strike in 2008):




“Student Unrest:  University of California, Southern California, 1970”


*Interview with S.I. Hayakawa, the President of San Francisco State College, during the student strike (1968-9): 


Ethnic Studies ban:  racist?


Required Reading Assignment:

--“Interview with Biological Anthropologist, Alan Goodman”):


The assignment is for coursework for Strategic mgmt Course Study. It contains for 4 assignments. Each assignment needs to be at least 4 pages long and answer all questions. For each assignment complete a bibliography page (at least 4 references). Reference your sources of information in APA format in-text citations.



Using the referenced article attached, please answer the following questions.


Using SHORT ANSWER or bullet format, respond to the following questions related to the BMI article assigned.

1. Identify the population and sample type in this study. Is the sample representative? Why or why not? 10 points

2. Identify all key constructs in this study. Identify ALL varables as independent, dependent, confounding, discrete, nominal, ordinal interval, ratio, quantitative, qualitative, et. al....include ALL appropriate descriptors for each variable. 30 points

3. Did the authors discuss reliability and validity? If so, what were they describing, and what were their comments? 10 points

4. Describe and critique all data displays in this article. What was clear, and what factors might have been less clear? Was the appropriate type of data display sued for the level of the variables? 25 points

5. What descriptive statistics were used? List all and briefly describe. 25 points