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The case was happened in 2013 and it is said case because a girl was killed on the bus, person shoot from outside. The offender named Kevin Mcclinton (there is news online about this case). the recording part 1 was trial, the recording part 2 was our interview with counsel for the defense and prosecutor. there was one ting counsel for the defense said that caught my attention(there was 2 shooters, first person shot the bus, and left gun there, then Kevin Mcclinton took the gun and continued to shot the bus. so, i'm very interested whose responsibility for the girl's death, first shooter or second shooter?) Please just write the summary of this case and some personal opinion about this case. This paper is one to one and half page long. 

Calculate the correct answer in all problems      


USE NPV, Rate, and IRR Functions as appropriate in Problems 4b, 4d. 4e, 5, and 8       


Explain in words what you do to make each calculation      


Explain in words what the answers mean       

•Discussion 6.1 - Learning Assessment

◦Explain how you assess if your conflict coaching met the needs of the conflicted parties in your scenario

◦Explain why a learning assessment is a parallel and concurrent process

◦Explain how the client’s power-based, rights-based, interest-based perspectives may negatively affect the conflict coaching process

◦Discuss the implications and applicability of positive psychology and emotional management in conflict coaching 

◦Describe your role in the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ODS – other conflict dispute resolution processes) and how a conflict coach might apply the five roles of conflict coaching in leveraging dispute resolutions processes




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Assignment Overview

Type: Individual Project
Unit:  Business Ethics
Due Date:  Sun, 5/1/16
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible:  100
Points Earned:  0
Deliverable Length:  2-5 pages
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Library Research Assignment

The FASB’s Conceptual Framework and Statements of Financial Accounting Standards (SFASs) require full disclosures to be made in a business enterprise’s financial statements. These disclosures requirements are applicable to corporations and nonprofit organizations. The purpose of these disclosures is to provide reliable and relevant information to the users of the financial statements. In addition to disclosures required by the FASB, nonprofits must also be in compliance with regulations enacted by Congress as well as local laws.

You currently work for a nonprofit organization as a staff accountant. The controller has requested that you conduct research on disclosure requirements for nonprofit organizations to ascertain if the organization is in compliance with established FASB requirements and any other regulations applicable to nonprofits, such as IRS regulations.

Prepare a written report of 2–5 pages that includes the following:

  • Describe financial accounting disclosures required for nonprofit organizations and how these disclosures provide useful information to users.
  • Explain disclosure requirements for nonprofit organizations, such as the tax-exempt determination letters required by Congress and the IRS.
  • Discuss the reasons for these disclosure requirements and the sentiments of the public and government about deviations and scandals in this sector because of lack of disclosures.
  • Include a minimum of 3 properly researched and cited facts using APA format as they apply to the disclosure requirements for nonprofit organizations.

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