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Zack Cooper

Worthy words ensure Self-actualization.


    • Computer science
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology(APU/APIIT)
    • 1
    • Engineering and technology
    • Associate's degree
    • Punjab Group of Colleges
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I provide my services in the field of Networking, Database, Programming, Mathematics, and Web-development. I'm also an expert in SDLC, MATLAB Simulation and equation solving. However the Projects of Business, Managment, Humanities, Nursing, Literature & Linguistics are also entertained with full expertise.

Expertise in Java/J2EE back-end development with the complete grip on MVC, Software development life cycle (SDLC),/. System analysis and design, and Amazon web services technologies (AWS). Awareness of the implementation of RESTful and SOAP web API and the comprehensive command over undergoing the projects using AGILE/SCRUM and Waterfall methodologies. With great command and excellent grip in the IT sector, I hereby welcome the papers and assignments of every student to get completed in a professional and sophisticated manner. While being influenced by the major in IT field, have the strong and firm grip on Business and Management work of all denominations and sub-fields as to possessed my minor in the domain of Business Administration and Human Resources Management.

Expert in Social Science which includes sociology. Most of the task I have done so far apart from this online forum were of social sciences with 5 star ratings

Proficient grip and command in applied sciences which includes Geology, Astronomy, Ecology, Meteorology and various other branches of Applied Sciences.

In addition to the deep understanding in IT sector, a comprehensive touch and glimpse of Architecture and Design ,most probably using AutoCad, Maya, 3dmax, and some other tools of civil engineering and architecture of the interior as well as exterior critics are well griped which leads me towards sustainable competency

Excellent grip in English essay and article writing. Aware of point to point essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay, debate essay, critical analysis of an essay, case study and scenario evaluation, and each and every type of article is entertained with considerable expertise

I can handle your HRM tasks with full expertise including Vlookups and Macros of Excel, Project management using MS Project, Case studies, and Scenario evaluations proves it to be one of my well griped domain. Apart from working on this platform. Working practically and professionally in the HR department of an organization which signifies my practical and professional experimentation and implementation of theoretical assessments.

Though it's not one of my core subject, yet can perform in it with expertise due to my analysis techniques and self-comprehend credibility of doing the research writing. I also have a team of medical professionals and personnel which supports me to write the A grade paper of medical, Pharmacy, physiotherapy, Nursing and gender studies.

Comfortable to do every type of Electrical engineering work which includes theoretical and practical tasks. Proficient in Mathematics of engineering level, can design circuit diagrams, can help in the FYP's and final exams of Electrical engineering, knows the using of software like MATLAB, Arduino, Dev, R Studio, e.t.c

Based on my research and analytical expertise, I can firmly handle all the tasks of History and geography of any country, any state, any nation, and any continent

One of my favorite module is Criminology and law because of the awareness of sanctions, ordinance, law suits, and articles of the law of various countries, specifically US and UK law

Similar to philosophy, I can handle your tasks of psychology as well, you can also see the rating on my philosophy and psychology tasks. Every student always rated 5 star to my work because of my exceptional writing quality.

Expert in Mathematics of all level. Proficient in the Math of Engineering level with strong grip in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential equations, Numerical Computation and analysis, Sets and binary theory, and trigonometry.

Expert in Business sector analysis and its sub-domains. Can handle your tasks of Accounting, Economics, HRM, management, Business Management, Operations management, Finance and Marketing.