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    • Computer science
    • Master’s degree
    • Pitsburg
    • Duquesne University


I AM AN EXPERT IN:  Statistics, Statistical Analysis Using SPSS, R and STATA, ANOVA Models, Test of Hypothesis and all relevant areas related to Probability and Statistics. Interpretation of Data Analysis, Regression Models, Chi-Square Analysis, Students-t distribution Analysis, Z-score Interpretation  Probability and Statistics, I, II, III and IV _______________________________________________________________________________________  Maths:  Calculus I, II, III and IV  College Algebra  Applied Mathematics  ALEKS PILE  MY PEARSON LAB _______________________________________________________________________________________ Fields Of Study: Mathematics - Algebra _______________________________________________________________________________________  Human Resource Management, Social Sciences Fields i.e. Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Theology and many more _______________________________________________________________________________________ Fields Of Study: Social Science ________________________