"I am a Science graduate with a strong background in Math, Physics and Chemistry. If you need help with your assignments, projects to get an A+ or need help understanding a concept which will help you ace a subject. I could really help you achieve that."



  • Chemistry Bachelor’s degree Indian Institute of Science Education and Research 20161111
  • Mathematics Bachelor’s degree Indian Institute of Science Education and Research 20161111


    I am a final year Master's student, My area of research is Electrochemistry, I am well equipped with concepts of Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and have a very strong hold in Mathematics & Physics. I have been tutoring for the past few years and I'm a part-time Chemistry Q&A Chegg Expert and have been providing quality services in school solver as well. I'm looking for students who need help. I'd love to help you guys out and do my little part to teach you something in the process :)

    Having taken advanced courses like Linear Algebra, Group Theory and Mathematical Methods for Physicist. Solving high school Math or Undergraduate level is very easy for me

    Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics Electrodynamics has been my all-time favourite courses, this has lead me to study them in-depth and gain a lot of concepts in them which were always complemented with a lot of problems solving to achieve the speed and accuracy. I will enjoy solving problems for you. I can provide with quick solutions or detailed ones depending on the requirement. I also worked in various Physics labs on NMR Spectroscopy. Hence, I can help you with Physics lab journal as well.

    The best part about organic chemistry that I enjoy the most is the reaction pathways and to be able to predict them. It gives me great pleasure when I see students looking at my solution and telling me that they understood this better than what was taught to them.

    Having done an advanced course on Numerical analysis with a strong background in Linear Algebra coupled with MATLAB. I can deliver you excellent codes made from scratch or solve advanced level Linear Algebra questions .

    My past research include Neurobiology and I have worked in Cell Biology as well.Hire me for A++ work


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