• Medicine and health sciences Master’s degree North Carolina State University 202017


    I have specialized in Medical Biochemistry

    Currently I have a Degree of master of Medical Biochemistry studied from North Carolina State University. Apart from working I also love teaching and being that medical chemistry is a large field which entails the life sciences such as bioinformatics, cellular biology, entomology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry and plant biochemistry, I can tutor these sciences. Through this postgraduate degree I have specialized in protein biochemistry and bioinformatics so I can analyze the database searches of the various nucleotides of the organisms by comparing both the query sequence and database sequences of the proteins and DNA which has even be translated into six open reading frames by use of Blast X, Blast N, Blast P, T Blast X and T Blast N. The molecular basis of the ongoing difference between higher organisms and disease conditions become of important in my knowledge and skills which will help me to answer the medical courses and sciences questions with my vast remarkable knowledge .Medic