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mamawt: Question
Leila@: PLS CHECK ALL THE NEGATIVE RATINGS BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE ON THE NEXT PAGE. YOU'LL SEE WHAT A CROOK HE IS. A scammer, a crook, a thief. No wonder he's making so much money. Don't trust him. He overharges you and than delivers A FAT ZERO. I paid him $150, he didn't do a day's work.He scored C- in an exam, lowered the grade. Just for one assignment, he grasped $150. He didn't even offer partial refund. Unimaginable extent of indecency, crookedness, fraud, theft, ..Watch out for this crook, don't give him any work, he'll rob you, too. God will punish him in ways he can't even imagine.Question
mwwess89: Great JobQuestion
tonyamallory15: Great job!Question
tonyamallory15: Thank you Neel for all the hard work! I hope we can work together again in the future classes. For everyone that has something to say about plagiarism, it's only 2 bucks to check it on this site. Thanks again Neel! Question
oshimili: Avoid this guy if you don't want to die of heart attack. All he does is copy and paste other people's work. He is an expert in plagiarism; if you use him, you are doing so at your own peril.
neel: Right right you really know how to mould things as per your convenience
oshimili: Neel: How dare you say I mould things for my convenience? You are a scam. All you do is copy other people's work and sell it. DO NOT use Neel. He engages in plagiarism and the minimum similarity score he will fetch you is 45-50%. Stay away from Neel! Neel is an expert in plagiarizing other people's work. New users on should stay away from Neel.Question
zhagxi: Please Never choose Neel. never response to my refund requirement. Doing the problem complete obey the requirement even if the instruction is super clear. Sent me a 100% useless word file after my due date, and the problem is required to do under excel. Please refund me, are you using the $40 to rise up your whole family? Really the worstQuestion
gg: Question
ChironOnlineC...: Grade of a 63%. Bogus. 19 out of 30. What a rip off.Question

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