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    • Chemistry
    • Master’s degree
    • Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    • Serial no. - 150951


Its a subject which reveals the general nature of matter. It touches the concepts of coordination chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and general laws of physics.

  • Course: CYN-203
  • Institute:
  • Fields Of Study: Science

The subject begins from gaseous state and moves around laws of thermodynamics to reach the phase transition through the introduction of Gibbs free energy and chemical potential. From Gibbs free energy it reaches to electrodynamics as well and touches all the major portions of physical chemistry. It's a very interesting and conceptual topic. It's fun studying thermodynamics for those who want to feel the subject.

The subject deals with Stereochemistry, Nomenclature, Substitution reactions, Elimination reactions, Rearrangements and name reactions. It needs visualization as well as small and crispy concepts of Inductive effect, Mesomeric effect and Sterric effect. These small small concepts create differences and change the course of reaction and product formation in organic reactions. The subject is really very interesting and conceptual, where small things makes big differences!

The subject which is easy to visualize and follows the laws of nature. Newtons laws's is the key to solve problems and understand the functionalities from its basic.

  • Course: PHY-203
  • Institute:
  • Fields Of Study: Mechanics

Subject is based on Columbic interaction and vector dynamics. It makes the basic of current, electricity and magnetism. It can be understood by simple and basic principles of Faraday's law, Fleming's law and Maxwell's principle.

The path of light and laws given by Snell unravels all the problems of reflection and refraction. The subjects also demands a good knowledge of Geometry and Mathematics. Path of light is the path of success.

  • Course: PHY-204
  • Institute:
  • Fields Of Study: Optics