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  • Medicine and health sciences Bachelor’s degree Kenyatta Unversity 201317000002
  • Medicine and health sciences Bachelor’s degree Kenyatta University 201317000002


    Currently, am pursuing a Master Degree in Medical Biochemistry studied at University of Leicester. At my part-time, I love teaching. I can tutor and handle papers in following fields such as Pharmacology, Biochemistry of disease, information systems, computer programming, management, project management, Health Sciences, Nursing, Forensic science, Social Science, Sociology and Social work, Psychology, Human Resource, Economics, Business and Finance, Law, Mathematics, pathology, toxicology, pharmacology, forensic biology, information technology, computer programming.and any other applied science. I have a strong belief to giving back to the society is all a person can do to achieve self-fulfillment towards self-actualization and self-realization. The time and price are negotiable so feel welcomed to contact before placing orders. Your satisfaction is our greatest value

    • Course: Bachelors of Science(Biochemistry)
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Pharmacology

    Masters Student in Economic-Covered as a Core Unit.

    • Course: Business and Economics
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Economics

    Mastered Information Science as part of class work and during My Masters program

    Covered in My Class work during Master program

    Covered In my Internship period Program.

    • Course: Nursing
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Nursing

    A++ Work Guranteed

    I have experience in handling English Literature papers having spent much time reading and writing English articles during leisure time as a blogger.

    • Course: English and Article writing
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Article writing

    I am an intelligent tutor with under a Masters Program. Currently, I am a tutor at the University of Leicester in Human Sciences. I am committed to seeing my students get the best by ensuring I give the best I can to them. Kindly consider me with your online work. Thank you.

    • Course: Sociology and Psychology
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Sociology


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