5.0 (18)

Miss Fatima

Result oriented teacher



    Analogue electronics, Digital Electronics, Control systems, Microprocessors, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines Drives and systems, Circuits analysis and design, Electromagnetic wave Theory, Matlab Programming, VHDL, High Voltage Engineering, Power System analysis, power system Protection, Power system Operation, Calculus, Probability, Optimization Techniques, C++, Java and data Structure in Java,

    Optics, Work and Energy, Vectors, Moments, Semiconductor devices, Motion and force, Gravitational Force, Waves.


    Numerical methods,

    Pre Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Advance maths, Probability, Statistics, Algebra,

    Engineering Graphics, Building Construction Materials, Surveying - I, Building and Town Planning, Concrete Technology, Advanced ConstructionStructural Mechanics - II, Water Resources and Irrigation, Transportation Engineering - I, Foundation Engineering,

    Foundations of Advertising Advertising Media Advertising & Consumer Culture Advertising Strategy Advertising Research Creative Advertising and Production Contemporary Issues in Advertising Data Analytics and Information Management Business Process Management eBusiness Systems and Strategy Accounting Information Systems Managing Business Data Business Information Security Advanced Data Analytics Managing Work in Virtual Environments Information Systems Strategy Information Analysis and System Design Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis B Behavioural and Evolutionary Economics Introduction to Strategic Thinking Management of Financial Institutions Economics of Business Strategy The Macroeconomy & Business Conditions China: Emergence, Implications & Challenges Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Labour Economics Industrial & Labour Relations Financial Markets & Institutions Benefit-Cost Analysis for Business Managerial Economics Competition Policy and Reg