PhD in Statistics


    • Mathematics
    • Doctoral Degree
    • PhD - Statistics from UOC Berkeley
    • UOCP243761
    • Mathematics
    • Master’s degree
    • Statistics from UOC Berkeley
    • 93%
    • Mathematics
    • Master’s degree
    • Operations Research from I.I.T. -Bombay
    • 91%
    • Mathematics
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Applied Mathematics from I.I.T. - Kanpur
    • 95%


Statistics and Mathematics expert with over 5 years of online teaching experience.

SPSS, MINITAB, EXCEL, Solver, Stata, Megastat, Palisade Decision Analysis, QM for Windows

MyMathLab, MyStatLab, ALEKS, WebAssign, Backboard, Pearson

Ashford, Phoenix, Strayer, Kaplan, PennState, Argosy, Grand Canyon University, Colorado State University, Michigan State University, NCU, UBC, UMUC and many other US, UK & Australian Universities.

I can help you with full courses in Statistics and Mathematics.