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  • excellent in good timing

    Reply: Thank you... Looking forward to work with you :)
  • Limra is the best. Effective. Always on time. Deliver A+ work. Thanks for your assistance always Limra. Looking forward to always working with you. You are simply the best. You make a difference.

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  • Excellent

  • answers were correct ty

  • completed handshake for two assignments. only completed one.

    Reply: Dear buyer, U didnt shook hand with me. U shook hand with some else and i posted as independent and clearly mentioned in title that i posted only one assignment, but u bought from me and left negative feedback out of mistake.....
  • great job thank you!

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  • it was 100% Plag

  • Thank you.Keep up the good work. You are awesome!

  • awesome

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    All answers were correct except the overall break even point total was not correct. I double checked calculations before submitting and corrected it: Overall break-even point in sales dollars: $400,000/54.66% = $731,796. Received 100%

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    100% right and 20 bucks was a great price for it!

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  • It was ok. There were some wrong answers, but I was able to figure them out. Most in Part 2. The answers are wrong. I would say as is only worth $10 or $15.

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    Did not get 100 got a 79 wrong calculation

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    Good job

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    Received 100% on assignment

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