Karim Asad

High grade research


    • Economics
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • University of Nairobi
    • 2013


Economics, Finance, Trade, Business, Accounting,Finance,Human resource, Law, Nursing, Education,Mathematics, psychology, Social Science, Information system.Will deliver the best in all these fields and many more. Trust me with your assignment. I have an experience of more than 10 years. I ensure that the purpose of the essay is conveyed clearly and concisely. At the end of the day, content and substance are more important than anything else.

Management. An expert on accounting. I have more than 5 years in doing accounting assignments. I give the best to the students. A+++

Social work. A+++++++



a 5 year experience

a professional. I can guarantee you A+ in your online classes,assignments as well as exam papers.

high knowledge on Law pertaining to various nations globally

able to tackle all algebraic questions and assure you 100% in any assignment


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