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  • Economics Bachelor’s degree University of Nairobi D33/2635/2015
  • Political science Bachelor’s degree University of Nairobi D33/2635/2015


    I am a professional writer, I have knowledge and experience required, I have been writing ever since 2014,Quality before quantity is my motto and I always strive to achieve it. please trust me with your work. I will deliver A+ work.

    • Course: Bachelor of Commerce
    • Institute: University of Nairobi
    • Fields Of Study: Social Science

    Online Classes expert - 100% Best all round, Business courses, Economics, Healthcare Management courses, Law homework, Human Resources Management, Psychology etc.

    Marketing Masters in English literature.

    history Masters in Human Resource Management.

    I believe that I have a gift, talent and ability that is worth sharing with the entire world. come let me help you with your psychology assignment i am the Guru

    Masters in Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Economics.


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