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tennisgirl: REALLY GOOD Handshake
psc4751993: 1. We obtain the percentage of a category by: multiplying the relative frequency of that category by 100 2. Which of the following is not an example of a discrete random variable? The time spent by a physician with a patient 3. The number of classes in a frequency distribution depends on the size of the data set. In general, the larger the data set, the larger the number of classes 4. Which of the following pairs of events is mutually exclusive Female and male 5. You randomly select two households and observe whether or not they own a telephone answering machine. Which of the following is a simple event Exactly one of them owns a telephone answering machine Neither of the two owns a telephone answering machine.---- Is the right answer….. please update so other paying customers get that damn 100….stop playing 6. You toss a coin nine times and observe 3 heads and 6 tails. This event is a: simple event
geniusy_2006: Can you please send me graded quiz? Everywhere it says Exactly one of them owns a telephone is SIMPLE EVENT if its incorrect, i need to correct it.
ebfanham0e: Perfect!Question
bigetum: I got an A but I had to make a few corrections to the assignment prior to submitting it.Question
amachelle51: What a true LIFESAVER, this tutor came in and completed a 4hr test in 56 minutes and got me a 100% on it !!!! How freaking AWESOME is this !!! Highly recommend, Very Professional and Accommodating....I cant say THANK YOU enough :) Handshake
bigetum: Handshake went well and assignment was completed way before the deadline. I will post another rating after I receive the grade.Handshake
waoti30: This was indeed 28/30 and got me in the 90 percentile for the test so I am happy with that. To bad I couldn't see the two that were wrong. Overall a very good thank you
geniusy_2006: Thanks
waoti30: Was helpful but many of the calculations are in correct from year 1 to year 5 all the way down. This costed me 25% overall on the grade ended up with a C on this assignment. Question
crockerchhiit...: Keep to the agreement.Handshake
chantaxrews: Excellent work. On time!Handshake

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Helping students of Phoenix, Ashford, South University, Grantham etc. in Mathlabs, Finlabs Aleks, Wiley Plus with A+ guaranteed score. MAT 221 MAT 222 ACC 561 QNT 561 FIN 571 MKT 571 OPS 571 STR 581 etc... Quizzes + Finals of all courses - PHOENIX are available.
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