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  • Great work and on time!!

  • Great work and on time

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  • Very helpful and informative.

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    This was horrible, no works cited, I paid for a crappy answer… Not happy

    Reply: You should ask the Tutor before purchasing any pre-answered question. Because all answers are framed as per the requirement of the original Student.
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    Excellent work. Got 9/10

  • Received refund, assignment was not what I requested

    Reply: Then why this 1 Star punishment when i refunded instantly on request. 1 Star accepted but when it was of bad Quality don,t know what is your Requirement when the article is about Computer Crime Investigation.
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  • 48% plagiarism, did not write the own paper and used 48% from other students already written. I explain to him that there can not be plagiarized..he guaranteed own work and cashed 30.00. UNETHICAL and NOT HONEST..BEWARE!!!

    Reply: First of all since your work is about two famous peoples then there is a possibility of matching general statements. Second issue there are some quotes with citations if we count that we will we able to check that the article is not plagiarized. Quotes without references cannot be considered as plag
  • Great work, Passing Grade and the essay was the best parts. Thanks a ton

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