"Time is the 4th dimension"



  • Engineering and technology Bachelor’s degree The University of Nairobi 0057191
  • Engineering and technology Bachelor’s degree The University of Nairobi 1149


    Professional Civil Engineer as per international standards. Very knowledgeable in design software like AutoCAD and ArchiCAD. Key strengths are in Structural analysis, strength of materials, theory of structures as well as geotechnical(ASTM) and soil engineering. Skilled in highways and pavement design, transportation engineering according to AASHTO.

    Water Engineer-Fluid mechanics and hydraulics, open channel flow, borehole design, wastewater and stormwater engineering and finally environmental engineering.

    Physics-Electricity, Magnetism, Gas laws, Kepler laws, thermodynamics, Lenz's Laws

    Mathematics-Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Geometry.

    Apt in Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, laboratory reports etal

    Highly skilled in Geography, Tectonics, soils, crust, mantle, oceans, mountains, mapping etc

    Good in Engineering and Operations Management, Linear programming, transshipments, Monte Carlo, WBS, CPM, CPRT, scheduling amongst others.


3.6 (3)