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      I am a qualified, highly skilled, and approachable tutor with a master’s degree Forensic Medical Examiner/ criminology. I have six years of teaching experience both as a private and public tutor in a variety of disciplines. Among my strengths is that I have a good understanding of all teaching methods and learning styles. I am able to convey material to all students in an essay to understand manner. My passion is to work with students and help them achieve their life time career goals. I am an expertise in my subjects and I have an extensive knowledge of special needs including problem solving in all sectors. I treat each student as an individual and am flexible with my techniques in order to cater to their needs. I use a wide variety of resources that I have developed myself as well as the best quality online sources and books, to ensure my students are equipped to succeed in their subject. To ensure they can achieve the results they deserve in exams, I always include instruction in examination technique and


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