Dr. Beneve

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    • Print Journalism
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • maseno university
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I am a professional writer with knowledge and experience required. I have been writing quite some time. Please trust me with your work, I deliver high quality, plagiarism free A+ work. I am the master in sociology and my creativity guides me in identifying students weaknesses and help them turn them into opportunities.

Expert in online short course, classes(100%) I am an all round writer, business(finance, accounting, procurement, marketing etc), Management and HR management work, sociology, psychology....

Masters in advanced English and literature.

Master in pathology, programming, human anatomy, forensic evidence, forensic accounting and information technology

PhD student.

A++ guaranteed to my students. I promise you I will deliver you the high quality work you deserve.

Writing is not only a career to me it is a passion that enable me explore various fields. I have vast knowledge and experience in finance and accounting. I also own a phd in social and human sciences.

  • Course: Finance and accounting
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  • Fields Of Study: Accounting