"God is able"



  • Earth and space sciences Bachelor’s degree Seku 28348855


    I am a professional content creator on science, business and humanities related topics. I do scientific researches, articles, journals, periodic journals or blogs ,write business proposals for organizations and individuals, and any other defined online freelance work. I also major in programming where I can code and decode using Java, Python and R- Programming. After attaining my degree in Geology at South Eastern Kenya University, I was hired as an assistant lecturer at Kabarak University where I briefly worked as a tutor for a period of 6 months. I immediately enrolled for my MBA at Kenyatta University after resigning and completed in December 2017. During this time, I was tutoring online while at the same time I was undertaking my MBA course. After graduation, I was lucky to be hired as the Human Resource Manager at Alloy Steel Castings Limited where I currently work. I am currently undertaking my PhD at Kabarak University and I look forward to graduating in December 2023! Throughout my education and wo


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