Education is the key


    • Biology
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Kenyatta University
    • 201749000104
    • Medicine and health sciences
    • Master’s degree
    • North Carolina State University
    • 2400015


Medicine and Health Sciences, Nursing, Forensic Science, Social Sciences, Sociology and Social Work, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Economics, Business and Finance, Law, Mathematics. I am a colossal genius tutor who will always deliver quality work in time to ensure my students get the best.

I am an intelligent tutor with two masters. Currently I am a tutor at the college of Victoria in Human Anatomy. I am committed to ensure my students get the best by always giving the best I can. Kindly consider me with your online Assignments.

I have vast Knowledge in History having spent much time tutoring and handling History papers. Your Online Assignments will be handled with Utmost Integrity.

I have Experience in handling English Literature papers having spent much time reading and Writing English articles

Mathematics Expert, Algebra, Calculus, Pre-calculus, Statistics, Probability and Geometry. Guarantee A+ to my students.

The best tutor in Earth Geography having done Vast research in the field.

Masters in Sociology and Psychology.

Masters student in Economics.

PhD Student A++++

Doctor of Nursing Practice/DNP

Guarantee A+++

Power Point and Brochures A++