"Education is the key"



  • Biology Bachelor’s degree Kenyatta University 201749000104
  • Medicine and health sciences Master’s degree North Carolina State University 2400015


    Medicine and Health Sciences, Nursing, Forensic Science, Social Sciences, Sociology and Social Work, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Economics, Business and Finance, Law, Mathematics. I am a colossal genius tutor who will always deliver quality work in time to ensure my students get the best.

    I am an intelligent tutor with two masters. Currently I am a tutor at the college of Victoria in Human Anatomy. I am committed to ensure my students get the best by always giving the best I can. Kindly consider me with your online Assignments.

    I have vast Knowledge in History having spent much time tutoring and handling History papers. Your Online Assignments will be handled with Utmost Integrity.

    I have Experience in handling English Literature papers having spent much time reading and Writing English articles

    Mathematics Expert, Algebra, Calculus, Pre-calculus, Statistics, Probability and Geometry. Guarantee A+ to my students.

    The best tutor in Earth Geography having done Vast research in the field.

    Masters in Sociology and Psychology.

    Masters student in Economics.

    PhD Student A++++

    Doctor of Nursing Practice/DNP

    Guarantee A+++

    Power Point and Brochures A++