New Zealand

Cultural Geography

Dr. Wright

Polynesian Triangle

New Zealand: Isolation

New Zealand

• Former British colony in Polynesia – 80% European, 10 Maori, 10% other Polynesians

– NZ English slang: “no worries”, “rattle ya dags”

– Maori Nation arrived 30,000 years ago, Haka

• Economy is sheep, wheat, kiwi fruit, tourism

• Many endemic species – Kauri forests, blue penguins, kea (alpine parrot)

• Southern Alps tourism – Milford Sound fjord (like Norway)

• Lord of the Rings movies host in NZ

New Zealand Far margin of the British Empire

“Middle Earth” Mystique

• New Zealand

tourism is


Middle Earth

Maoris • Indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand

• Arrived 30,000 years ago

• Colonized by British in 18th century

Maori greeting

Maoris Doing the “Haka” dance to frighten enemies

The Haka

Maori Haka Face tattoos, warrior culture

New Zealand “All Blacks” Rugby Team doing the Haka