Event Plannings

Unit 4 Individual Project 1

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Event Planning

Project Type: MKTG340 Unit 4 Individual Project

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The paper is very interesting to know about event planning to get success in the promotion of the products (Allen, 2009). The paper has been included about the development of the event planning, linking of the company image, creation of the presence of the company, and so on towards the effectiveness of the event.

Event Planning


Event planning is basically a process where an event management handles a specific project. The specific project can be anything such as a convention, meeting, Tradeshow, and party, as well as a ceremony (Allen, 2009). Further, event planning is basically related to making budget, establishment of timelines, and selecting and reserving the event sites. It also includes planning of food, acquiring permits, and transportation coordination, as well as development of a theme and other activities.

Part 1: The Event

The company that has been taken for the development of event planning is a McDonald’s in order to align the firm’s mission with a defined target audience in the market. Therefore, there are some steps in order to develop an event for the McDonald’s. It can be discussed as follows.

Goal and Objectives of the Event: The first step of the event planning would be making goal and objectives of the event for the McDonald’s. The goal of the event would be providing information about the McDonald’s nutritional food items and their benefits (Friedmann, 2011). Further, the objectives of the event would be achieving customers’ trust towards new menu of the nutritional food items.

Team Organization: The second step of the event is organization of a team. In the team organization, there would be an event manager to manage every activity of the event. Further, the other members of the team would be some individual chairpersons for other activities, such as venue management, speakers, volunteer management, and food management, as well as entertainment and publicity (Friedmann, 2011).

Date Setting: The setting of the date for the event planning of McDonald’s would be at-least 3 months before to take much time for preparation.

Creation of Master Plan: This plan would encompass all aspects of the event, such as venue, logistics & catering management, as well as speakers. The master plan would also include entertainment, publicity and promotions of the McDonald’s and volunteer management.

Creation of a Publicity Plan: The publicity of the event of the McDonald’s would start through the initial notice of the event management website page in the newsletter or email to save the date (Friedmann, 2011). The publicity would also include online and off-line publicity, and media relations.

Budget Establishment: To make the event successful, budget establishment is necessary. Therefore, the budget would incorporate all of the key items identified on the Event Master Plan. There would be also included costs for speakers and presenters concerned to the travel and accommodation.

Now, this event can align or adjust the McDonald’s mission with a defined target audience, such as food lovers, and health conscious people. This event would basically give opportunities to know about the various fast food items on the table to eat and satisfy their needs. Further, this event would make more new customers after eating the nutritional fast food items that are the mission of the McDonald’s.

Linking the Company Image

The linking of the company image and the event would be possible by giving a tagline as the theme of the McDonald’s to influence target audience. The topic of the event would be “The healthy fast food for the Healthy People”. The tagline of the event would be “The latest items of healthy fast food for the food lovers that you cannot miss it to take its taste”. This topic can attract the attention of the people to see and enjoy its tastes (Allen, 2010). The company image would be also link with responsibility of care of the people towards fulfilling their needs and interests. Further, the image of the McDonald’s and the event would be linked with as a corporate social responsibility in the business to always think about the benefits of the people.

Creating a Presence

The creation of a presence for the McDonald’s in the event is an important concept to give messages to the public with good image. Therefore, McDonald’s that is playing a role of sponsor for making a good image would be associated with its corporate names, and images, logo, as well as advertising in the programs everywhere (Allen, 2010). Further, the McDonald’s nutritional fast food menu would be also served to the people to check the quality and tastes after eating. This would be a main aspect in the creation of a presence of the company. When the new variety of the fast food would be liked by the people, the sponsorship would be remembered by the participants.

The Takeaway

The takeaway of the people in the event time would start with the introduction by the speaker about the company history and success story. Further, the entertainment such as musical shows, singing, and other cultural events would be conducted to entertain the people. Meanwhile, the speaker would also explain about the McDonald’s new items of fast food with nutritional value (Allen, 2010). There would be a big screen to show the information about fast food and it’s making process. Moreover, the speaker would ask some questions from people about McDonald’s and favorite fast food. Now, this is the way when people can remember about the event and the McDonald’s effectively.

Part 2: An Attention-Grabbing Opening

The attention-grabbing opening would start causing a scene to get people to stop and watch. It would start with a display of a big menu of fast food to create a unique opportunity for people to hear the gospel at the end. The fast food menu would be presented by chef and their team members on the stage. This would be a great idea for the event and McDonald’s Company to influence attendees. This would be an opportunity for the company to advertise the image because another member would outreach team going through the audience sharing with the crowd after the display. So, this would be another event to create more awareness about the movement.


The information about the event to the media connectors such as magazines’ editors is an important aspect to make the program successful in the market. But, this information should be before the event (Wynne, 2013). In this concern, a pitch letter to the media is an effective tool to make MPR in the market. The pitch can be as follows.

August 14, 2014

Mr. John (for example)


XYZ Magazine

Washington, USA

Dear John,

On November 15, during the event of the company, almost 10, 000 people would gather to know the specific healthy food items as a record and it would be the first time in the history of the organization.

The participation of people in the event would be an interesting fact that would participate to judge the quality and taste of the nutritional fast food. The food lovers would also share their experience related to different types of foods available in the market according to the health benefits.

The speaker would provide all information about the company and people would get knowledge and understanding. The people would also give an answer to the questions and would get prizes also.

The company is sending a small piece of fast food item. The company is also sending photographs to publish with the story. Most of the magazines look at samples and send back the conformation.

The company will be in touch soon to discuss a possible interview with you. We are looking forward to speaking with you about the proposed event.


David (for example)



The event of the McDonald’s is good because of the systematic schedule planning of the event company. It is successful with the efforts of team members of the event management. The attendees of the events are very happy to know about various types of new fast food menu with nutritional value rather than a harmful effect on the body (James & Dechrau, 2011). Moreover, the stepwise event management is a sign of success of the program where everything influences the attendees to fulfill their needs.

The way of linking the company image is also an important aspect that is very helpful to impress the attendees to use their services in future. The presence of McDonald’s in the event is also very impressive because of its topic and tagline to influence attendees. The takeaway of the event by the attendees gives a general idea that how is going event and environment of the event management and sponsorship (James & Dechrau, 2011).

On the other side, some attendees of the event have been provided very interesting comments about the event management and topic of the program that can be discussed as below.

Attendee 1: “It is very interesting to see the nutritional fast food. It is very tasty and I will surely eat this new item in future”.

Attendee 2: “I have never seen such type of events and its facilities for the guests. The program of the McDonald’s is so nice to make awareness to the people about nutrition fast food”.


The event planning is beneficial for the McDonald’s in order to increase its MPR effectively and efficiently. Every step of the event planning can make a strong base to get the success of the program in the context of increasing customer base in the market.


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