Writing Homework



TEXT, 1-5

Elizabeth Phillips, Ph.D.

WR 121

Highlights from the Text

Patterns for College Writing

Reading Critically

 “Reading is a two-way street” (1).

 We all have our own ideas as writers and as

readers (1).

 Class, gender, and race are all factors that can

affect how we read, write, and understand (1).

Reading Actively

 Pay attention to pre-reading material:

headnote and background (2).

 Consider the subject, the main point, purpose,

audience, assumptions, consistency of ideas,

biases, logic, your own knowledge, and your

own experience (2).

Highlighting and Annotating

 Highlight points of interest (3)

 Annotate or “carry on a conversation

with the text” (3).


 Comprehension: How do you understand the


 Purpose and Audience: Is the text attentive to

this aspect?

 Style and Structure: What choices has the

author made and are they effective?

 Vocabulary (7).

Writing Process:

Areas of Discussion

 Invention

 Arrangement

 Drafting and Revising

 Editing


 Consider length?

 Think about purpose?

 Who is your audience?

 What is the occasion?

 What do you bring to your subject? (18-19).


 Journal Writing

 Freewriting

 Brainstorming

 Clustering

 Making an Informal Outline (23-29)


 “A thesis is the main idea of your essay; its

central point” (30).

 “The concept of thesis and support—stating

your thesis and developing ideas that explain

and expand it—is central to college …