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Classics  2220  Classical  Mythology   The  Ohio  State  University  |  Autumn  2015    

  Essay  #3  

Assignment   What  should  OSU  freshman  be  reading?     Why?       Imagine  that  OSU’s  curriculum  development  team  has  asked  you  to  help  them  design  a  Core   Literary  Curriculum.  Imagine  further  that  in  a  few  years  every  OSU  freshman  will  be   required  to  take  the  Core  Literary  Curriculum  sequence.  The  development  team  asked  you   to  help  because  you  have  undertaken  a  close  reading  of  four  of  the  most  influential  Greek   literary  works  (there  are  a  lot  more,  trust  me!):  Odyssey  by  Homer,  Theogony  and  Works  &   Days  by  Hesiod,  and  Symposium  by  Plato.  The  team  wants  you  to  recommend  one  of  the  four   works  to  be  required  reading  in  the  freshman  course.     In  this  essay,  you  must  answer  the  following  question:      

• Which  of  the  following  works  should  be  required  reading  for  every  freshman   at  OSU:  Odyssey,  Theogony,  Works  &  Days,  Symposium?    

  The  essay  must  state  its  thesis  in  a  short  introductory  paragraph,  followed  by  a  few  body   paragraphs  actually  making  the  argument.  As  part  of  its  evidence  the  essay  must  cite  (not   necessarily  quote,  but  cite)  specific  passages  of    

• the  chosen  work  at  least  three  times   • and  at  least  two  of  the  non-­‐chosen  works  at  least  once  each.    

For  example,  if  an  essay  argues  for  the  primacy  of  Theogony,  it  must  cite  at  least  two  of  the   other  remaining  texts  (e.g.,  Odyssey  and  Symposium).       Essays  may  only  use  the  four  texts  as  evidence.  Further  details  are  below.  For  more  tips  on   writing  this  type  of  essay,  and  a  post-­‐writing  checklist,  see  the  relevant  document  on   Carmen.       Assigned:  Wed,  Oct  14.     Due:  Fri,  Oct  23  by  11am  in  Carmen’s  Dropbox,  formatted  as  a  Word  doc  or  pdf.    


  Rubric   Formatting  &  Length     _____  /  1   Is  the  paper  appropriately  formatted?    

• 12-­‐point,  Times  New  Roman  font  in  black   • 1.5  spacing   • 1  inch  margins

_____  /  1   Is  the  paper  the  appropriate  length?     • 1  page   • The  student’s  name  and  essay  title  should  be  on  the  first  line,  and  the  

essay  itself  should  start  on  the  second;  no  additional  space  should  be   taken  up  with  headers,  dates,  etc.    

• Anything  over  the  page  limit  will  not  be  considered  part  of  the  essay.       Thesis   _____  /  3   Does  the  thesis    

• adequately  answer  the  question  posed  in  the  assignment,     • provide  a  sufficient  reason  for  that  position,     • and  provide  a  mini  outline  of  the  points  the  essay  will  make  to  argue  the  

thesis?       Supporting  Paragraphs   _____  /  2   Argument:  do  the  supporting  paragraphs  sufficiently  argue  the  thesis?       _____  /  2   Evidence:  does  the  essay  use  sufficient  evidence  from  the  texts,  and  cite  it  

correctly,  to  support  the  argument?       Grammar  &  Other  Mechanics  of  Writing   _____  /  1   Does  the  essay  use  proper  grammar,  spelling,  and  punctuation,  and  is  the  

prose  clear?         TOTAL     __________  /  10