2nd historical marker 000


World Historical Marker Commission of TSU

Public history is any type of history that is directed at the general public (that is, NOT something done mainly for students and teachers in the history classroom).

Historical markers are a form of public history that just about everyone has seen

sometime, somewhere (there are several on the TSU campus). As a class project, we will be posting our own historical markers in the hallways of Crouch Hall. To

facilitate this project, we will work as the World Historical Marker Commission of

TSU. The director is Dr. Elizabeth Dachowski, and each student in HIST 1210 will earn course credit by working as researcher/author, fact-checker, and editor of the


RESEARCHERS/AUTHORS will look up information in appropriate peer- reviewed reference works as defined in the Historical Marker assignment

and present the information in historical marker format with an emphasis on

historical relevance and interest to the public. Researchers/authors will see revisions before the markers are posted and will have the option of having markers

posted anonymously or with credit.

FACT CHECKERS AND EDITORS will double-check the factual information on the marker for accuracy using appropriate sources and will make

corrections/suggestions on matters of grammar, style, organization, clarity, and

overall impact of the marker (does it "grab" the reader?). Fact checkers and editors will not edit their own markers.

The DIRECTOR will oversee all aspects of the production process and provide guidance to researchers/authors and fact checkers/editors. The director will read

all markers, oversee fact-checking and editing, assign points to all participants as

appropriate, make the final selection of markers to be posted, and print/post

completed markers.

Each student in HIST 1210 (as a member of the World Historical Marker

Commission) is responsible for handing in …