Using the financial statements provided calculate the financial ratios for the past year(refer to your textbook for help). You will need to calculate all of the Liquidity and Asset Management ratios, Total debt to total assets ratio, all of the Profitabi


Current Assets Sales 1,509$

Cash 104$ Cost of Goods Sold 750$

Accounts Receivable 455$ Depreciation 65$

Inventory 553$ Earning Before Interest

Total Current Assets 1,112$ and Taxes (EBIT) 694$

Interest Expense 70$

Fixed Assets Taxable Income 624$

Net Plant and Equipment 1,644$ Taxes 212$

Total Assets 2,756$ Net Income 412$

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable 232$

Notes Payable 196$

Total Current Liabilities 428$

Long Term Debt 408$

Total Liabilities 836$

Owners' Equity

Common Stock 600$

Retained Earnings 1,320$

Total Equity 1,920$

Total Liabilities and Number of Shares 76.80

Owners Equity 2,756$ Current Stock Price per share 78.62$

MT 217 Unit 3 Distinguished Scholar Financial Statements

Company X Balance Sheet

as of 12/31/2010

Company X Income Statement

for Period Ending 12/31/2010