Zen Buddhism


One paragraph per each question.

1) It is likely that this week’s material was new and different for you. Take about 20 minutes to simply think about some of the core ontological claims (or, claims having to do with what it means to exist) made by the Buddha. Write a paragraph that describes your state of feeling while thinking about these claims. Do they make you comfortable?  Do not distribute without prior permission 8 Uncomfortable? Are they confusing? Do they feel familiar? Note in a few sentences the process of rearticulating these claims in your own words--is it easy? 

 2) Rephrase, in ONE WORD ONLY, each of the Three Marks as you understand them without using “suffering,” “impermanence,” and “no-self.” Note in a few sentences the process and challenge of capturing complex meaning in a single word and explain why you chose your words used to rephrase. 

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