You read the following IEEE papers and write a 1 page review.


- You read the following IEEE paper on IoT technologies for embedded computing and write a 1 page review.  The review should include ~ 2 paragraph of paper summary (what is done in the paper and how it is done), following by your thinking on strength and weaknesses of the paper.  it is best if you tried your best to identify some points as weaknesses and strengths of the paper.  

-  The format of your report should be in IEEE double columns, single spaced format with font 10. ( I will deduct point if that is not the case).  The title should be formatter as "review of ....." and in place of the authors name, you should use your name.  

-  Read the IEEE paper titled as "An overview of the internet of underwater things" and write a one page review for this paper. 

you need to make sure to follow the IEEE format style carefully.

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