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In a 3 page paper, please address the following question(s) outlined below.  Submit your work as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

1) As a hypothetical, imagine you are a senior executive at the Company which you have chosen to study in your Case Study.  How would you change the design of that organization to cope with the challenges brought about by digital disruption?  Consider the different stages of the customer experience in that Industry (i.e., pre, post-experience).  What would be the new roles/tasks required to monitor and manage content?  How would you design the organization to handle these roles/tasks?

2)  Assume your chosen Case Study company has various brands across different levels and countries.  What would the best way to manage the organization for e-reputation performance?  

3)  Beyond the social media team that is primarily in charge of your Company's social media management, you aim to motivate local teams (i.e., management) to keep or improve their e-reputation.  What would be effective ways to incentivize these employees to increase your Company's reputation among customers?  How large should the incentive be (i.e., percentage of salary, bonus, etc.)?  Should it be only positive feedback (and reflect increases in positive comments) or also penalizing comments (and reflect increases in complaints)?

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