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Cause and Effect Essay Assignment

Your assignment is to write a five-paragraph, 500-700 word essay addressing one of the prompts below. This essay must include an introductory paragraph, three or more body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. Remember, each body paragraph must be based on a topic sentence.


· Review ALL resource information provided: lecture and video, powerpoint, and organizational and structural information

· Read the example essay provided

· Select your topic (see prompts below)

· Decide if you will primarily analyze causes, effects, or both

· Follow one of the organizational patterns provided in the handout

· Create a rough draft

· Revise and edit the rough draft 

· Submit the final draft

You must type your essay in Microsoft Word only! Only Microsoft Word files will be accepted. Also, DO NOT submit a PDF file.

Please adhere to the Style Rules and Guidelines module for appropriate format and submission. You may develop your essay focusing on causes only, effects only, or both causes and effects. However, DO NOT use secondary sources.


· A serious illness

· Poverty or Affluence

· An addiction

· Technology

· Procrastination

· A life-changing event in your life.

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