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  1. e-Write: Closely read and annotate your two chosen articles, noting similarities and differences in language and key ideas. Consider how these voices are connected to one another and to the larger conversation. How do they respond to one another? (Do they agree? Disagree?) How do they respond to previous voices in this conversation?
  2. Write: Synthesize the ideas from your two sources into an extended definition of the American Dream. What does the American Dream mean today? What is its significance in terms of immigration, multiculturalism, economics, education, etc.? Blend the key ideas from your sources to create a new and interesting definition of this idea.
  3. Your essay should contain 2-3 quotations from your sources, and it should include paraphrasing of other main ideas. Be sure to use quotation marks and in-text citations appropriately and responsibly.
  4. Your essay should be approximately 700 words.
  5. Please be sure to correctly format your essay in MLA Style. Need help with MLA? 
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    1. Think: Closely read and annotate the article. (Hint: You can use the Highlights and Notes tool on the right side of the reading panel to annotate online.) What information seems most significant? …

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    1. Choose one paragraph from your article.
    2. Cut and paste the paragraph into the top of your message.
    3. Think: When you are faced with source material that you want to use as support in your …