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Before completing this assignment, please read Friday's assigned text, which can be found in Week 8 Readings. This article is deceptively simple, and actually brings in a lot of ideas. I want you to pay attention to the way the text builds on and complicates ideas we've been discussing. You'll also listen to an episode from a podcast, which the article mentions. The podcast brings in important questions about how our online identities are created--and by whom. 

Part 1: 

What does Babb mean when he suggests that "social media is...a type of epideictic discourse that frames digital identity in relation to different digital communities"? Untangle this idea and explain it in your own words. Make references to this text and other texts from this unit.  (Approx. 100 words). 

Part 2: 

Pick at least two quotes/ideas from Babb's article and explain how you can see that concept in action in the podcast, "Silence and Respect". Use specific examples to illustrate careful engagement with both texts. (At least 100 words each). 

Part 3: 

What's an idea or concept from this unit so far (on digital spaces) that (choose one):

  • has changed or influenced the way you think about space/place and identity?
  • changed/influenced the way you think about how we use ideas about space/place to understand our world?  
  • changed/complicated your understanding of any concept from earlier this course? 

Write at least 100 words.

LINK TO READINGS: http://harlotofthearts.org/index.php/harlot/article/view/327/190


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