Writing Discussion 1


Read essay:



Then, write a post where you do the following:

(1) indicate the core value(s) that the author presents in the essay

(2) discuss why you find your chosen essay interesting

(3) explain a personal connection you have with the author's core value(s) and experiences

(4) demonstrate basic sentence structure

Sample Initial Post

In her essay, "We Are All Stardust," Kimberly Woodberry shares her core values of spirituality and interconnection. I found Woodberry's essay interesting in that she expresses both our reliance on the divine and on each other as human beings. This idea really resonates with me because I also believe that we are all bound together by our common human experience and that a higher being orchestrates it all. The personal connection that I can make with Woodberry is that her core values of spirituality and interconnection were largely shaped by her father. As the daughter of a minister, it is my father who really helped me to understand the divine and how our lives are connected with the lives of others. 

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