Writing assignment - social work in children abuse and family violance



View the film Precious from the perspective of the victimization experience(s) of the central character.

  1. 1. Identify the type and extent of the victimization and the community’s reaction to it.
  2. 2. Assess the victim, perpetrator and family in relation to his/her support systems, including family and community.
  3. 3. Analyze the manner in which this film projects the victimization and its sensitivity to the character as a person at risk.
  4. 4. Discuss the developmental implications for victim/survivor in the selection of treatment options/interventions
  5. 5. Discuss your reaction to the experience, the character, and the impact this film had on your understanding of the values and ethics of our profession.
  6. 6. Discuss the short term and potential long term implications for the victim. perpetrator, AND family.
  7. 7. What did you learn from this assignment?

Length: 8 to 10 typed pages, double spaced, APA format. 7-10 References should be appropriately cited.

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