writing assignment




Papers should be written in Word: 12pt, Times New Roman Font, Double-Spaced, and Normal Margins

Complete this exercise and answer the following questions:

Number each question in your paper

2+ pages in length.

1. Interview someone from a step/blended family.  Ask the following questions:

a. what were some of the challenges?

b. what were some of the advantages?

c. what was growing up in a step/blended family like (explain in detail if possible)?

d. any advice you (the person you're interviewing) would give to a child who will grow up in a step/blended family?  If so, what?

2. In your own words, what is the fallout (outcome) from divorce?  Provide a number of examples, based on what you've observed in your life, TV/Media, other people, and/or research.

3. Reflect on retirement. What is the typical/optimal retirement age? How has it changed? What is the impact of retiring at 65 (or younger) when life expectancy is close to 80+? What would you do in that time?

4. What is one way that this course has impacted your life?  Provide at least one example.

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