Writing Assignment




Papers should be written in Word: 12pt, Times New Roman Font, Double-Spaced, and Normal Margins

2+ pages in length

Number each question in your paper

Answer the following questions:

1. “Suppose that you work for a program/shelter for individuals/families experiencing domestic abuse.  Using valid information (you find this) create a step-by-step list for individuals/families to get out of an abusive situation.  Each step must be in specific order.  Pay careful attention to safety and prevention of further abuse/violence.

2. Brainstorm ways in which adults can effectively manage their anger so they won’t take it out on their partners, children, and other family members.

3. Write a list of things people say to resist using a condom. For each statement, the students should write a rebuttal.

4. Develop a list of issues couples should discuss before deciding to have children.

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