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For your assignment (Individual hand-in) , I would like each student to conduct a research on programs / projects at any Fortune 500 company or organization (must be supported with facts, references, and also examples). As an example, we talked about Boeing's failure as a program for its 737 Max failing in both testing and responsibility to public and communications. We also talked about Target's success in transitioning from store to online company via new initiatives sponsored by new CEO Brian Cornell undergoing a variety of program initiatives involving Digital and Technology.  Please come up with 2 examples as part of your research. It could be 2 project successes, failures, or combination of.  Please provide references, what was the example? why this is success / failure, and what was done right / wrong? What type of organization structure, any tools/techniques, used from program/enterprise levels. If failure, what recommendations you may have? Do not use the examples I've already illustrated in class. Please conduct your own research.  Format - Essay format in MS Word. Use Times Roman font size 11. No more than 1 1/2 pages of word in essay format.

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