As mentioned in class, similar to the first paper, please choose a firm (it may be different from the firm you examined in the first paper) and apply the concepts from Chapters 7 and on to that firm (I said 7-9, the cost chapters, but if you want to include further material in the paper, please feel free to do so).

These should be your words/analysis/work (so I'd strongly suggest not using outside sources--if you need to make an assumption, that's perfectly fine, I really don't care if the assumption is correct or not, as it is the thought process I am concerned about).  You should explain in detail how the firm could use (some of) the ideas from the chapters to its decision making process.  How would those decisions be changed?  Why might they be making some decisions they are now, what would they have been considering when making those decisions, and so on.

The paper should be at least 3 pages long (the text itself, excluding title page, etc).

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