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 An ePortfolio is a digital space that holds evidence of educational and/or professional achievements. A well-designed ePortfolio is useful to showcase who you are, and it can also be used as employment documentation during job searches or promotion procedures. How you construct your ePortfolio, and what you include in it, depends on the audience you are trying to reach and the purpose you are trying to achieve. 

 hie there, during this assignment there will be some small questions related to same assignment that you need to answer. it is based on how you will work on the assignment 


Please provide to me the following information on your ePortfolio:

  1. What platform will you be using to present your ePortfolio.
  2. What are some of the potential artifacts you will include in your ePortfolio.

 onces you can take a look on the assignment and please give me these two answers. 

 i will provide you the evaluation sheet for this assignment as well try to give me these answers in 12 hours then it would be so grateful once you will read and understand the attached file, you will get idea about this and please it has high weitage so make it very beautiful like you did in my previous assignments. and i will provide you the informations as i will get it. thanks 

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