write a review of the book The Formation of a Persecuting Society by R. I. Moore



In a five page essay, write a review of the book The Formation of a Persecuting Society by R. I. Moore.  Explain to your reader what the author's thesis is, and how he goes about proving it.  Explain what the various components of the argument are, and how they relate to the thesis.  Then, explain how this book changes our understanding of the medieval church.

Whenever you read a book or article, you should always be looking for the author's thesis.  Usually this thesis is answering a "why" question that the author has posed.  Why did the persecution of minorities increase so drastically in the 12th century?, for example.

As you read the work, take note of the title of the book (the thesis is sometimes revealed there), and the title of each chapter.  Each chapter should stand alone as a single idea that contributes to the overall thesis.

In your paper, provide quotes from the text which illustrate the points you are making.  

Just to make your life easier, I'll give you some help.  The thesis of the work is NOT that Christians persecuted minorities in the twelfth centuries.  And it is NOT merely that these persecutions can't be explained independently.  The question is, WHY did persecutions increase in the twelfth century?  Why not the 9th or 10th century?  Read the book for his explanation.

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