Write a critical analysis of the first AND second episodes of the game


   Grading Rubric :

20%: Describe the choices available to the player and whether they had an             impact on the story.

20%: Was the story thus far enjoyable? Yes or no? Why or why not?

20%: What were the goals and the rules of the world (i.e., how do you win and what actions can you take)? What information did you need to keep track of? What actions were you able to take? If these were not clear, what would you change to make them clearer and more engaging?

20%: We are going to be writing stories in a similar format to this game. What lessons have you learned from playing these first two chapters (either good or bad)?

20%: Minimum 750 words; proper grammar and spelling

The critical analysis will be your first step in learning how to design interactive media.

As you are playing through your chosen game, think about the points that were laid out in these slides and how they apply to not only the game you are playing, but how you will apply those to your own stories.


●Purchase the following game:

○Batman, The TellTale Series (download on iphone/ipad for free)


Here is a good list of places you can find those games:

TellTale Games 

●iOS App Store 

●Write a critical analysis of the first AND second episodes of the game.

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