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You are asked to write a short opinion piece about the case (1100 words); much like the opinion pieces you find in news papers, on LinkedIn or on other social media. 

You are expected to build a strong argument. Before you start writing, do your research, analyze the situation, identify the stakeholders, draw out the moral issues and approach them from different angles to form your opinion; then start writing.

There is no need to for academic references. Only use the case provided.

Pretend you write for a well educated audience, but not well-versed in ethical theory. You can either explain concepts when you use them or paraphrase them. E.g. you can refer to Kant's Universal Law and explain what it is; that for a deed to be presumed moral, the deed should make a good universal rule. Or you paraphrase: Instead of saying "from a utilitarian perspective" you can say "If we look at the consequences of this action, not only for X but for all stakeholders, ..." etc.

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