Write a blog


should write an individual thoughtful article about the team project, the company you are working with, or it's a field of focus. or industry

Treat this as something that could actually be posted by the company or organization your ware working with.

Remember, it is should be a STORY ... something that will engage a reader ... get to their emotions.

It should NOT be a progress report or just a list of what you have done.

It should include thoughtful analysis and reasoning.

Refer to the attached document for the details of how to write a blog.

The company I write the blog is WildLawn

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    The company I work for is "WILDLAWN

    Submit a plan for your class project based on the attached marketing plan outline

    The plan should include:

    • A restatement of your goals, strategies and tactics

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    write One Page about WildLawn, this is a company I work with.

    answer the following question, I also upload the company description.

    With that in mind, create an initial set of: